3 BuzzFeed Inspired Memes on Protecting Your Content

In the era where data breaches are frequent, organizations should never strike a happy medium between content protection and employee collaboration. Take for instance BuzzFeed, who not only produces more than 600 pieces of content each day but has doubled in size in just the past two years. When we met with BuzzFeed’s security team, they were fully aware that a majority of data breach occurrences were actually created internally. Educating their employees on best practices and the impact of an internal data breach was one of the first steps of rolling out corporate content governance.

3 BuzzFeed Inspired Memes on Protecting Your Content-Egnyte Blog

1. Organizations should be conducting routine audits of their content. And in the case of a leak or data breach, IT must react sooner than later. With Egnyte Protect’s real-time alerts, BuzzFeed’s IT is now empowered to tackle any issue pertaining to file permissions and with the ability to eliminate non-secure links that contain confidential information on the spot. Can your IT do this?

3 BuzzFeed Inspired Memes on Protecting Your Content-Egnyte Blog

2. Generating high quality content is the cornerstone of BuzzFeed’s business while equally important is protecting its sources and confidential information. Both working in the cloud and leveraging cloud-based collaboration tools are must haves for teams to successfully produce and share content. But at the same time it creates growing challenges for IT. Implementing Egnyte Protect allowed IT greater visibility and protection of content without impeding employee productivity. No IT mind tricks needed, just the ability to balance content collaboration with content protection.

3 BuzzFeed Inspired Memes on Protecting Your Content-Egnyte Blog

3. It used to be that “silence is golden” but “security is golden” makes more sense in this digital age. BuzzFeed offers a large portfolio of business services to its clients and being able to meet the requirements of various stakeholders requires a security first way of thinking. Having the ability to reduce intellectual property and privacy exposure meets both privacy and regulatory requirements. More control and better reporting on content procedures is the cherry on top.So let’s settle the score: With Egnyte Protect, BuzzFeed IT = 3, Internal Data Breaches = 0. Learn more how BuzzFeed safeguards exclusive news and journalistic sources with Egnyte Protect in our latest case study.

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