2012 Is on Us: Egnyte Announces Box Buster Buyout Program

We announced today that businesses paying for Box file storage accounts can switch over with no hassles to Egnyte and not pay for service until 2013!

Aimed at businesses that are paying for Box accounts and found they've outgrown their usefulness, the Box Buster program allows paying Box customers to switch to a matching plan on Egnyte, at no cost for the duration of 2012 and free migration1.After detailed analysis and intensive discussions with our customers who have already made the switch from Box to Egnyte, we've identified 5 scenarios where businesses might find they should still use Box as their file sharing solution:You don't need to ask permission - you've probably already sidestepped IT, or better yet, you don't have an IT department to sidestep. If you just need to get a job done fast, but aren't concerned with who sees what folders or what types of access they have to a file, Box is a great solution.Your head is always in the clouds - The cloud is a great thing, we think so too: if you're content to always use a web interface and have no need for things like mapped drives with desktop access or a local copy of your files for your entire office that is continuously synced with the cloud, go ahead and get Box.You think size doesn't matter - If your files are relatively small, which precludes most multi-media files, web design files, engineering files etc., then why bother with a more scalable solution with no file size limits? Also, if your total file storage needs are only a few gigabytes and don't include your entire office, sure, use Box.You don't mind a long-distance relationship - Some companies don't need to keep a version of their files locally where they can touch it, literally. If you're ok with keeping everything in the cloud and have no need for fast local access or do not have any compliance issues to deal with, Box is a viable solution.You're a trusting soul - If you alone are your company, or it's just you and some close friends, you can trust that if they leave, they'll return all your files; Box will work, no problem. No need for turning off access precisely when you let them go or checking an audit of what client files they downloaded just before giving you notice.Don't believe us? Hear what some of our customers have to say:"Looking for a solution that is right for the team is not just something we say, it's something we live by, and that means evaluating options and creating a winning strategy," said Kerry Keating, Head Coach, Men's Basketball, Santa Clara University. "We wanted to put in a file sharing solution that would give players, coaches and staff alike the fast ubiquitous access they need, regardless of whether they were using a laptop or tablet. Box and Egnyte went head-to-head, and in the end, Egnyte won because it provided secure reliable access to files while giving our IT department the controls they expect out of a world-class solution. Egnyte HybridCloud supports Santa Clara University Men's Basketball.""Being a wealth management company, security is an obvious priority for us, but beyond that, we wanted to find a solution that gave our IT department the control they needed, coupled with a great user experience for our employees, vendors, and clients on a single unified platform," said Taylor Herzog, Technology Solutions Manager at True North Advisors. "After looking at Dropbox, Box, Sharefile, and Egnyte HybridCloud, we realized that Egnyte was the right solution for our needs. We were able to deploy quickly, giving different levels and types of access to different people ranging from clients to employees, regardless of where they were accessing their files from, or whether they used a phone, tablet or laptop. Further, the hybrid cloud approach means we always have access to our client data residing on a NAS device behind our firewall, giving us and our clients an extra level of comfort with the same level of high speed local access we had grown accustomed to. Users did not have to compromise on the experience they were accustomed to; instead we simply made it better.""Being a best-of-breed law firm is a fundamental part of our belief system, so much so that we are constantly trying to improve business processes and find efficiencies," said Jennifer Goshorn, Chief Administrative Officer at Gunderson Dettmer, LLP. "We have found that with a distributed workforce and client base, our needs to easily share and manage large file sizes with granular control over who sees, edits or deletes files is of paramount importance. After researching available solutions, we came across Egnyte and quickly realized the benefit of their IT focus, while still offering a simple, easy-to-use interface for accessing and sharing files. They've provided us with a secure, centrally administered solution that can allow our lawyers to work more efficiently and effectively with their colleagues and clients."Designed with IT in mind, but easy enough for the average business user, Egnyte offers the control, security and scalability necessary for solving your file sharing requirements. Egnyte's team has made a career of building and deploying enterprise solutions, isn't it time to grow up and use a grown up solution? Egnyte HybridCloud File Sharing, join today by visiting us at https://www.egnyte.com/box-vs-egnyte-permissions.

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