We’re excited to announce new mobile features designed to streamline your workflow: PDF document creator, drag and drop for email attachments, and our integration with iOS Messages.

PDF document scanner

Our new mobile scanning feature makes digitizing physical documents easy. This tool isn’t limited to turning paper into PDFs, it can also document content directly from the whiteboard in your next meeting onto your phone.

Simply enter your go-to shared folder, select New > Create New Document, then snap away. Our app automatically flattens those unavoidable angles to make the new document legible. Easily share the new PDF with your team.

How we used it to document.

How to document smarter with Document Creation.

Messages app integration

Sharing content via links provides efficiency with audit reporting, notifications, expiration settings, etc; and it just got better. Upload files as links from directly within your Messages app using our latest integration.

Drag & drop email attachments

In response to iOS’ new split screen view and support for drag and drop (available for iPad only), we’ve added the ability to send attachments by dragging Egnyte files directly into your email. While in split-view, simply long tap on your Egnyte file and drag it into the iOS Mail app.

Our goal is to streamline workflows and empower productivity. As a sneak peak, we’re working on OCR (optical character recognition) so the documents you’ve created will contain properly archived metadata. This means you’ll have a copy of your document safely stored in Egnyte that can be easily found using Egnyte’s search tool.

Enjoy our brand new iOS app. Available for download today!

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