Today we salute the courageous, the intrepid, the patriots. The men and women committed to serving this great nation deserve our gratitude, not just today, but on every day. Our veterans do what they’re called to do so that we may do what we’re free to do. For your dedication, your strength and your valor, we commend you.

In the face of impossible odds, people who love this country can change it.   

                                                                                                             – Barack Obama

We live in a country sustained by the men and women who’ve devoted their lives to something greater than themselves. We honor the sacrifices so many have made in the name of freedom and democracy. This Veterans Day, let us remember the brothers and sisters we’ve lost serving our country and thank the ones who’ve come back to us alive.

Our duty as civilians is to ensure that every serviceperson facing the perils of war knows a nation stands with them today and always.

From all of us at Egnyte, we thank these incredible veterans:

Kevin Boykin (US Air Force)

Tobi Jefferson (US Air Force) 

David Tang (US Army)

Jessica Haffner (US Army)

Jeff Sizemore (US Air Force)

Patrick Dowdell (US Army)

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