Building a world-class ecosystem is about offering Egnyte’s customers a wide range of solutions they can use to meet their specific business needs. Today we take another big step on this exciting road with the launch of Egnyte Connect for the SAP Cloud Platform.

Discover what Egnyte for SAP Cloud Platform can do for your enterprise

SAP Cloud Platform enables enterprise customers to easily build powerful applications for a variety of business needs and workflows. Need an HR portal to engage your employees, share company news and distribute payroll and work schedules? Choose the right widgets and assemble it yourself with ease. Need a portal to manage your channel partners, accept orders and answer questions? It’s a breeze.

Egnyte Connect widget for SAP Cloud

Now, with the new Egnyte Connect widget, you can also add advanced content collaboration to your portals. We are bringing the full power of the Egnyte web UI right into the SAP Cloud Platform, so users don’t have to switch applications or hunt around for the content they need. Access, edit, share and collaborate on your content from anywhere, at any time and on any device without ever leaving your SAP Cloud Platform portal.

Share with Slack

Better yet, because we are bringing Egnyte’s full suite of capabilities into the SAP Cloud Platform, anything you can do in Egnyte you’ll be able to do from your portal as well. That means that if you have your eSignature application enabled for Egnyte, it will simply work in your portal. Need to revert to an older version of a file? Click the button. Want to share a file to Slack? We’ve got you covered. Co-editing in Office Online? Nothing’s easier. Simply put – we’re giving you the full power of Egnyte Connect embedded in the enterprise application of your choice.



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