It has been a busy and short week here at Egnyte. In case you were catching up from the long weekend too, below are the week’s tweeted articles. Enjoy!

A View From Egnyte Engineering: Filers, Raid6, & IOPs” – Egnyte Blog

How to Ensure Business Continuity in the Cloud” – GigaOm

You Raised $10 Million — Now What?” Finance Corner

Egnyte in the News – Survey Says: It’s Getting Cloudy Out There” – Egnyte Blog

38% Of College Students Can’t Go 10 Minutes Without Tech” – Mashable

Windows 8 Is Gorgeous, But Is It More Than Just A Shell?” – TechCrunch

CEO Reflections: Data Security” – Egnyte Blog

Cloud Computing 101: Learning the Basics” – CNBC

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