Traffic on Egnyte site has never been higher. Increasing business brings its rewards and challenges. We currently have two data centers in United States and are working to add the third one outside US, for non-US customers.

There are three key areas that Engineering is currently focused on:
1. Improve usability – both on the web interface and also the desktop
2. Improve speed – “network latency” issues and file upload improvements
3. Local Cloud on NAS improvements including a VM for VMWare

We continue to push improvements across various areas:


Significant improvements have been made for the “Tag” feature. Now you can share tags across the entire domain, apply tags to any file that you have access to, and search by tags. The “administrator” is allowed to rename/delete any tag, but others can do the same, only for tags created by them. Multiple tags can be applied to any file and on hovering over the tag icon associated with each file, you can see who applied the tag and the timestamp.

Egnyte Local Cloud

We continue to improve the Local Cloud product. Now you can create the Local Cloud on any attached usb drive. Also added is support for folder names up to 255 characters and support for unicode folder and file names.

Local Cloud for Office (on NAS) is being increasingly deployed by customers. Also, we are getting good marks on this product in technical product reviews. Here are a couple of reviews:

eWeek: January 7, 2010
Egnyte Hybrid Cloud Solution

PC Magazine: February 9, 2010
Egnyte Local Cloud Syncs Stored Files Online and on the Local Network

What’s coming up

It seems that FTP is becoming a popular choice of our customers for uploading large amounts of data. We are finding, much to our surprise, users are quite comfortable using a third party ftp client (Egnyte recommends free Filezilla) to not only to upload large amount of files for the initial transfer, but also on a daily basis. We are working on improving the FTP queuing and recovery processes and better communication to the users on the status of their file transfers.

Notification Controls
Based on user feedback, several controls are being added for the account administrator to centrally manage notification frequency, turn on/off notifications for users and allow/disallow individual users to make changes in their personal settings.

We admit that our thumbnail generation for image files can be improved significantly in terms of reducing the time it takes for thumbnails to be available, generate a better image quality and allow for thumbnail view to be the default. We are working on all these fronts.

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