How Architects and Engineers Can Gain Faster Access to Newforma Content with Egnyte

Architects and engineers know that success depends on getting the right information to the right people at the right time. And when it comes to projects, having access to essential digital content from Newforma makes all the difference; but getting that content into a unified platform is critical. With Egnyte’s solution, you can easily unify your Newforma content in the cloud, allowing your team members fast and secure access from any device — so everyone has what they need when they need it. 

Read on to learn how moving Newforma content into Egnyte can elevate your project performance.

Benefits of Unifying Newforma Content in Egnyte

Remote users often experience slow performance and network issues when uploading and downloading files to Newforma over VPN. This becomes a critical issue, when trying to access project folders from past projects that require archival in Newforma. Egnyte helps eliminate this issue by allowing users to securely upload and download large files to the cloud, without requiring a VPN connection. Within a few clicks, users can transfer files even if they’re working away from their office gateway without experiencing performance lags. 

Additionally, Egnyte's built-in ransomware prevention and recovery capability safeguards project content from bad actors, which is especially important with the rise in malware and ransomware attacks targeting the industry.

Migrating Newforma Content to Egnyte

For Newforma customers that typically handle several terabytes of project content, hosted on-premises on Windows Servers, migrating to the cloud can be a daunting task. But with Egnyte's built-in migration app, data migration is simple, secure and fast.  With minimal burden on IT staff, you can quickly move project content to the cloud without any business disruption. Egnyte’s migration app automatically detects changes to project folders and uploads them directly to Egnyte, allowing Newforma to continue to function for daily workflows while the migration is taking place. 

Once migration is complete, IT can quickly convert UNC paths to Egnyte’s Smart Cache using automated scripts. Smart Cache is Egnyte's hybrid technology that caches only the files users or applications need to access, keeping on-premises storage growth under control by automatically purging projects that are no longer in use from the cache storage.

Within minutes, organizations can get up and running on Egnyte as a unified and intelligent repository for Newforma content.

Newforma hosted by on-premises Window Server
Newforma with Egnyte's Smart Cache

Benefits of Newforma and Egnyte

The value of migrating Newforma content to Egnyte extends beyond just modernizing to the cloud. Most companies that have taken this journey, receive immediate value: 

  1. Eliminate the need for on-premises servers and remove the associated costs to maintain HW/SW 
  2. Enable real-time access of project files and collaboration from any location without the need for VPNs or complex file-syncing processes
  3. Tap into cloud storage capacity and capability as needs of the business grow

As architecture and engineering firms continue to shift towards remote work, migrating Newforma content to Egnyte increases accessibility, scalability, and access to streamlined collaboration, while reducing costs. 

Learn more about Egnyte’s solutions for AEC firms by visiting our website.

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