How KAST Construction Optimizes File Access and Sharing During Preconstruction

Tough IT Job #128

KAST Construction is building the Reflection Tower, an 18-story condominium tower that also includes 2,800 square feet of ground floor commercial space, in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. The project required proactive decision-making during the preconstruction phase. With any project of this size and complexity comes the need for careful planning and proactive decision-making – from logistical considerations to keeping stakeholders informed and connected to the latest designs, budget, and schedule. Behind the scenes, Kast Construction leverages Egnyte to provide operational and VDC teams quick and easy access to the latest information and files.


KAST’s VDC team operated almost independently of the projects they supported. The team began each project by asking the project manager a series of questions. Then they would go work amongst themselves to produce the models. 

If the VDC team scheduled time to work on a project but lacked all the necessary information to perform their work, they would email the project manager to get answers. Waiting for responses resulted in project delays.

To make matters worse, operational teams executing the projects—the ones who needed the updated model files from the VDC team—couldn’t find the information.


KAST used Egnyte’s AEC file sharing solution to standardize the project file structure, enabling VDC and Operations teams to work together more cohesively. With Egnyte, the VDC teams know exactly where to find the information they need without having to ask the project manager or wait for an email response. The Operations teams can go to the pre-construction folder to find the latest model files they need.

The standardized folder structure and file update notifications makes it easy to find the right information at the right time on any project. As teams transition between projects, they know what information will be in each folder and how to get it, saving countless hours. 

KAST is building smarter and faster with a little help from Egnyte.

Read KAST's full story here.

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