Engineering Hackathon Continues to Enable Innovation and Efficiencies at Egnyte

We welcomed 2024 with our annual Egnyte Engineering Hackathon. It was yet another stellar entry in the long tradition of Egnyte Hackathons, with 75+ entries across all sites that covered a broad spectrum of ideas. 

The projects competed in two categories. The first was “Innovate and Differentiate,” where engineers showcased ingenious ways to expand Egnyte’s products with new capabilities. The other was “Make Life at Egnyte Better,” which covered ideas that optimized our workflows, reduced costs, and improved Egnyte’s operations. 

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Apart from the awesome ideas generated and implemented in record time, the hackathon sparked new teams that rapidly formed to implement a project end-to-end, expanding engineers’ networks within Egnyte.  

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As the hackathon juries tackled the hard task of evaluating the presentations, they looked at three criteria: creativity, value, and ability to execute – the distance remaining to implement the project in production. Quite a few of the presentations scored close to 10 out of 10 on the latter criterion, which means that we’ll see a number of announcements such as these in the near future. 

In the highly competitive and fast-evolving world of data security, governance, and collaboration (or cutting-edge SaaS providers in general), being able to pilot new ideas quickly and try out new concepts is paramount in order to stand out and succeed. The 2024 hackathon has been a great start to the year in propelling Egnyte along that path! 

We are actively hiring, so if you’d like to be a part of our next Hackathon, check out our engineering job openings here

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