Thanking Our Veterans for the Right to Pursue Our Dreams

Today is a special day for America. We pay tribute to all of the brave men and women who sacrifice their lives every day in order to protect our rights and freedoms - our freedom of speech, our right to privacy, our right to vote (which was especially relevant this week), and so on. By giving us those rights and freedoms, it opens up doors for all of us to pursue our dreams. Whether our dream is to be a famous movie star, or a world-renowned artist, or even a CEO of tech company ;) the men and women who serve our country, past and present, make that possible.I was sent a video this morning and I couldn’t help but think of how lucky and fortunate we all are to live the lives that we do as citizens, while others are spending time away from their family and loved ones.What is so inspiring about these brave men and women is that their service is not mandatory, there is no draft, they choose to serve our country and put millions of strangers’ lives before their own. Whenever I am reminded of that sacrifice, especially on days like today, it inspires me to be better. It should inspire all of us to be better - better sons and daughters, better brothers and sisters, better moms and dads, better friends, better citizens, and all around just better human beings.At Egnyte I am thankful to have a constant reminder of these brave men and women every day, as we are lucky enough to have former military, naval, and marine personnel on staff. Today, I would like to give special recognition to Egnyte’s very own Kevin Boykin (former US Air Force), Tobi Jefferson (former US Air Force), David Tang (former US Army), Ray King (former US Army), and Kris Caldwell (former US Marine). On behalf of Egnyte, I would like to thank you all for your service to this country. Without service men and women like yourselves, Egnyte would not be possible.As we reflect on our history and recognize all of our veterans today, let’s also take this as an opportunity to think about the future and how we can move forward. While there has been unprecedented controversy over the election, Veteran’s Day should remind us that this country is about more than just politics and it is certainly much bigger than any one individual. We are a country of united individuals that can accomplish great things when we work together. That is what I stand for and what Egnyte stands for.So show our veterans your appreciation not just today, but every day, and honor them through the way you live your life as an American. Have integrity, respect one another, be kind, and never give up on your dreams.

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Vineet Jain

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