On Diversity

In times of turbulence, it’s not uncommon for leaders of industry to speak out. As I’m sure many of you have seen over this past weekend, there has been quite a bit of controversy created around immigration in this country. Many tech CEOs have stepped up and loudly made their feelings heard. In the midst of this tough time, I have received notes from multiple people inside and outside of the organization expressing their concerns. Will Egnyte stand by its employees who are not full-fledged citizens? Will Egnyte remember its origins, and how much of its talent both then and now comes from beyond the US?The answer is, and will always be, ‘yes’. I want to assure everyone that we have no intention of breaking from our tradition of supporting all our employees. This support is extended to every member of our community, no matter their race or religious beliefs. Our company’s commitment to cultivating the most deserving talent from anywhere can be traced back to our beginnings. I myself am an immigrant, as are my three co-founders, as are many of our employees. We have continued to seek diversity in perspectives and backgrounds throughout Egnyte’s first decade, and it is one of the facets of this company of which I am proudest.If not for our opportunity to leave our respective countries and make a new life in America, this company would literally not be here today. And if not for the legal pathways to live, work and ultimately become citizens, Egnyte’s story would have ended long ago. We will not forget these beliefs the moment they are tested. Diversity is not only a part of the fabric of this country, but it is a part of the Spark that my co-founders and I put into this company a decade ago. It will continue to drive us forward, together. It is important that everyone in the Egnyte community continue to treat each other with respect and understanding. For those on H-1’s and Green Cards, please be assured that Egnyte as a whole, and myself in particular, will do everything possible to protect your status in case of any new announcements or rumored changes. My door is always open. Vineet

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Vineet Jain

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