June Product Rollup: eTMF, Desktop and Mobile Upgrades, and More

This month, Egnyte is excited to announce the completion of some major milestones of its Egnyte UI redesign project. Other updates in June include security and governance improvements, a new eTMF app for Life Sciences, a new version of the Desktop App, additional FileGuard app functionality, a fully upgraded Egnyte for Outlook integration, and more.

Continue reading for details on all these exciting changes.


Web UI redesign. Egnyte is getting a fresh new look! Changes will be released in the Egnyte Web Application every few weeks. This month, we completed project milestones 3-5, which included a visual top bar redesign, a redesigned activity pane and folder tree view, an updated file/folder listing with a new gallery design, refreshed Search design, and new icons with new colors and style. For more information on this project, including milestones and expected release dates, check out the helpdesk article.

Security & Governance

Improved visibility of content lifecycle policy scan progress. After you create or edit a Content Lifecycle policy, click on “creating policy” in the policy list for more detailed progress information about the policy scan. Information includes when the scan started, how many files have been scanned, and which sources are included. To learn more, read this helpdesk article.

File extension whitelisting for probable ransomware. You can now whitelist known safe application file extensions that were detected as Probable Ransomware issues within Secure & Govern. To learn more, read this helpdesk article.

Life Sciences

ETMF App Now Available. Egnyte’s eTMF App is now available to Life Sciences customers looking to make eTMF documentation management easier. Built on top of the Egnyte platform, the eTMF App provides a compliant, centralized content repository for trial documents that also grants more visibility into trial status. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out via the Chat button on the bottom right corner of this page.


Desktop App Lite for Mac. A new Desktop App, Desktop App Lite, was created to resolve app deployment and freezing issues on Apple Silicon devices and is now available to all users. Desktop App Lite was built on Apple’s new technology, the File Provider framework, to allow for tighter integration with macOS and an improved user experience.

There are no immediate plans to deprecate the current Desktop App. Please note that Desktop App Lite does not yet have full feature parity with Desktop App, and Desktop App Lite will only run on Monterey. For a full list of differences between the current Desktop App and Desktop App Lite, as well as other limitations, read this helpdesk article.

Improvements for FileGuard 1.1. Support for Save/Save As functions for .docx, .pptx, and .xslx file types has been added. Exports to PDFs and password protected files are excluded from this update. A key has also been added to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint file types to better indicate if the file is protected with FileGuard. For more details on these improvements, check out this helpdesk article.


Workflows for Egnyte Android Mobile App. To-do, review, and approval tasks created using Egnyte’s Workflows functionality can now be reviewed, accepted, commented on, rejected, digitally signed, and completed right in the Egnyte Android Mobile App. Pending tasks will appear as a red dot next to the Workflows button on the bottom navigation bar. Users will also be able to see a list of their open tasks and filter the view according to certain criteria. For more information on these capabilities, read this helpdesk article.


Egnyte for Microsoft Outlook. Egnyte now integrates with Microsoft Outlook for Web as well as Desktop for both Windows and Mac. This integration enables users to select files from Egnyte and send them as shared links within an email body, save attachments directly from email into the Egnyte folder of your choice, and save the metadata of an email message as an .eml file into the Egnyte folder of your choice.

Save storage space and time finding attachments, and eliminate duplicate file versions by utilizing this new integration. For users who have installed the Egnyte for Office Desktop add-in, this new version of the integration also makes deployment and maintenance easier for admins, enables support for Mac in addition to Windows, and provides on-demand access to open and save content from Windows Explorer, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

For more information, check out this helpdesk article.

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