New Solutions for Greater Insights and Security Across M365 

Is the Complexity of your Microsoft 365 Footprint Breeding Vulnerabilities?

By the end of 2020, Microsoft 365 was used by more than one million companies worldwide. And for good reason. With the move to remote work, applications like Word and Excel, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint, provided businesses with a familiar, easy to access, and easy to use productivity suite - all available in the cloud.

New Solutions for Greater Insights and Security Across M365 - Egnyte Blog

Therein lay the problem, however. Organizations’ expansive adoption of M365 created an unmanageable volume of content across a spectrum of Microsoft applications and repositories, both in the cloud and on local Windows devices. And even though M365 does provide automated security updates to fix identified vulnerabilities across their solution set, admins still needed to ensure they had the right licenses and proper security configurations in place, which proved challenging and expensive for many companies.  

As an example, in OneDrive there are 78 settings to manage how data is stored and shared (up from 65 last year). And those 78 settings are stored in 18 different locations. Add in Teams, SharePoint, and Exchange and you are dealing with more complexity than most IT teams are staffed to handle. One mistake leaves you vulnerable to a data breach.

“Microsoft has capabilities to do some of this stuff,” said Aaron Froberg, Senior Director, Value Acceleration at Egnyte. “But it requires a lot of customization. In many cases our customers don’t have the team members or the staff to do that, and our solution for sure, out of the box is ready to do that on day one.”

Egnyte provides a unified platform that natively integrates with M365, and thereby offers single pane of glass visibility and control over content sprawl. The Egnyte solution can identify and secure sensitive content in the M365 footprint, while simplifying compliance with an easy to use and easy to administer interface. Delivering proactive data security for companies that lack big IT teams and budgets, allowing them to focus critical resources on strategic business requirements.  

That translates into fewer resources required and fewer chances of mistakes.

New Solutions for Greater Insights and Security Across M365 - Egnyte Blog

And fewer mistakes mean less risk.

Today we are announcing new Microsoft integrations that make governing M365 with Egnyte even more powerful with:

Simplified governance that automatically finds and classifies regulated and sensitive content in Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.  Security, compliance, and
legal teams can safeguard sensitive data, provide audit proof, awareness and resolution processes, and meet compliance requirements by placing consistent policies across the M365 suite of apps.

Email classification to automatically discover and classify sensitive content in emails and attachments within Microsoft Exchange Online to quickly identify and recover from email data loss.

Public Cloud Connector deploys Egnyte Storage Sync to securely sync and store files in real-time into Microsoft Azure, without losing visibility and control.

Is M365 too complex to be secure? Not if you have the right partner and the right solution.  

To learn more visit us at or call: 1-877-734-6983.

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