Introducing Egnyte's New AEC Add-Ons: Special File Handler and Project Control

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms face challenges in design and construction due to complex workflows. Without specialized tools, collaboration can become slow and workflows become complicated, leading to delays and communication gaps -impacting productivity and project timelines for firms of all sizes.

Recognizing the need for dedicated tools that support more efficient collaboration and project workflows, Egnyte is proud to introduce two new product add-ons: Specialized File Handler and Project Control. These add-ons are tailored to address the unique requirements of AEC firms, including design professionals and project teams working in remote locations -  supporting their needs for efficient search, preview, access, and collaboration on large project files of varying types.

Specialized File Handler 

BIM and VDC professionals require a quick and effective method to search, preview, and obtain large model files such as CAD, Civil 3D, Revit, and Navisworks. Additionally, they need to share and collaborate on these files from one centralized location. These combined capabilities help improve workflows across the design, preconstruction, and construction stages.

Features include:
Feature Description
BIM File Preview Preview (including rotate, zoom, orbit, and measure) native industry file formats, including CAD, without the need for specialized software.
Advanced BIM File Search Search on and within CAD files and not just on the file names.
BIM File Preview on Mobile Preview (including rotate, zoom, and orbit) native industry file formats, including CAD, from your mobile device, without specialized software.
360 Image Support on Mobile View 360-degree images directly within the Egnyte mobile apps.

Project Control 

Project teams rely on efficient tools to swiftly search, locate, preview, access, and collaborate on project files across mobile devices or laptops throughout the entire project lifecycle, from design to construction. Moreover, they need to quickly assess engagement with active project documents.

Simplifying project management, the Project Control Add-on provides a reliable method for the back office to locate project data. Whether you're a Chief Operating Officer evaluating a project's financial status or an administrative assistant creating a project directory, you require a streamlined approach to access project details and fulfill your tasks. The Project Control Add-on simplifies the process of finding project files and folders for individuals not directly involved in the project.

Project Dashboard
Features include:
Feature Description
Advanced Procore Integration Support for additional data flows between Egnyte and Procore with near real-time continuous sync.
Project Lifecycle Management Revoke permissions and sever links to protect content for anyone no longer requiring access and initiate any predefined content retention, archival, and deletion management policies.
Smart Upload Upload photos directly to the relevant project folder based on geolocation, keeping them organized and easily accessible.
Project Folders Designate specific folders and as projects, assign status (Active, closed, etc.) and start and end dates.
Project Dashboard Instant access to critical project information via a customizable dashboard on your project folder.
Project Templates Automate the creation of your project folder structure with templatized permissions.

With the introduction of Specialized File Handler and Project Control, Egnyte continues to pioneer tailored solutions for AEC firms. These latest advancements reflect our commitment to enhancing the workflow of the AEC industry, addressing the unique challenges faced by BIM and VDC professionals, and streamlining project management. By facilitating efficient file search, preview, access, and collaboration, Egnyte is not just providing tools, but also building bridges for seamless information flow between the design and construction phases for companies of all sizes.

Try Egnyte's new add-ons today and experience the future of project management and collaboration in the AEC industry.

Contact your Egnyte AEC Specialist for more information.

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Joëlle Colosi

Joelle is Egnyte's Product Marketing leader for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.

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