Egnyte – What it is and How it Works

"Egnyte – What it is and How it Works"August 4, 2011Jason KayEgnyte Backup service is exactly what it sounds like; it backs up your business’ computer files so that you can have peace of mind. Each and every year businesses lose countless computer files due to a multitude of reasons. While the main reason is a hard drive crashing, there is also the unforeseen that can take out computer files left and right.Fire and flood are just two examples of the unforeseen factors that can take all of your irreplaceable business files and leave you with zero recourse. When you use Egnyte you have the ability to restore any of your business computer files 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Egnyte works to backup all sorts of business files. With Egnyte you can backup e-mail files, documents, spreadsheets, MP3s, you name it. Should something ever happen, restoration is as simple as a few mouse clicks.Egnyte offer a non-intrusive backup system. Unlike other backup programs that are available today, Egnyte is constantly storing and backing up information as you go about your daily business. Because of its unique design you will never experience a loss of speed while you work because of a backup taking place. Basically, you won’t even know it is going on but it will work all day, every day regardless.Egnyte also offers you the option to store certain files of your choosing using their ‘File Server.’ Once they are stored you can then go in and dictate how you want the files sorted. This means you can use as many folders and sub folders as you see fit and organize in a way that will be most beneficial to you.A great benefit with Egnyte is that you can view your files from virtually anywhere. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can quickly and easily see your business files. Easily locate specific files by plugging in keywords or phrases as Egnyte makes locating any file a breeze. Egnyte also makes it easy for you to share your files with whomever you so desire and lets you manage those who can view your files in a customizable manner. This can change on a daily basis if you need it too which allows you the flexibility to let certain people see certain files on a need only basis.Egnyte really tackles three big issues in one fail swoop and allows it’s customers to effectively store files, effectively share files, and effectively have a continuous backup system in place. While there is of course going to be a fee associated with using Egnyte it is well worth it to be able to rest easy knowing that all of your files are kept safe from whatever life throws at your business. Additionally, Egnyte offers a free trail for 15 days so you can test drive it if you want to.Think about how many important files you have on your business computer. What would you do if you lost them forever? With companies like Egnyte at the ready to protect those files it really isn’t worth the risk to leave them unprotected.

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