Egnyte Teams Up with Second Harvest Food Bank to #EndHunger

I am an HR intern at Egnyte, and care a great deal about lifting people up and supporting those in need. It was in that spirit that I took great pride in leading Egnyte’s canned food drive this year. We had the pleasure of working with Second Harvest of Silicon Valley, and they have been nothing but helpful for the duration of our ongoing drive.

We made the drive into a competition, splitting all the office departments into three teams. The competitive spirit truly came alive among the Egnyters as they vied to be “top contributor”, but was all done with a focus on helping our local community. When one team would go out on a “can run”, another team would quickly fire back with a can run of their own. It was neck-and-neck until the end, with the winning team getting the victory by only 18 cans! While only one team could win on our end, the real winners were our neighbors, friends, and community family, who we hope truly benefited from our efforts.

The drive started on October 15th and almost immediately our marketing team started filling up an entire barrel within the first week. We set a goal of 1,500 cans of food, which we smashed by gathering over 2,200 cans! Even better, Egnyte has made a financial match to the first 500 cans donated. Second Harvest Food Bank estimates that for every dollar donated, it can help provide two healthy meals to our local neighbors in the Bay Area. How they are able to stretch every dollar to ensure that those less fortunate can provide for their families is absolutely incredible.

Egnyte really gets that it is extremely important to give back to those who are less fortunate. As an Egnyter, we understand that there are families throughout our community that, unfortunately, do not have the means to provide for their loved ones and we take great pride in knowing that we can lend a helping hand. We hope that the 450+ pounds of food our team donated was able to provide some help to many members of our local community at  Thanksgiving and all through the holiday season.

The food drive ended on November 27th, but our company goal of community commitment is ongoing. We are in the midst of a holiday toy drive, a clothing drive, and are beginning a program to support other community service opportunities. I’m excited and glad to have such an opportunity to help make an impact in our local community during my HR internship this fall.

By: Ryan Farassat, Fall HR Intern

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