Egnyte Extends Governance Tools to Google Workspace, Dropbox

If you’re like most companies, your teams rely on a variety of cloud apps and storage solutions to get work done and collaborate with internal and external teams.

While this flexibility is great for end users, it creates enormous complexity when it comes to data security and governance. IT teams must juggle multiple administrative dashboards, permissions configurations and access control policies across apps. The content housed within the cloud solutions is now subject to different security settings, compliance rules, and content classification schemes.

Egnyte has long provided content governance across cloud and on-premises repositories, and we recently expanded support for securing and governing Box, Microsoft 365, and Azure environments. But our research indicates that a sizable percentage (between 10% and 20%) of companies using Microsoft 365 also have users storing files in other places, most notably Dropbox and Google Workspace.

That’s why today we’re pleased to announce Egnyte is extending its content governance capabilities to Dropbox and Google Workspace, too!

Google Workspace and Dropbox users can now leverage Egnyte to:

• Discover and classify more than 500 sensitive data types deep inside files

• Automatically identify high-value content types like financial statements, payroll documents, and contracts

• Detect regulated content and match to applicable data privacy laws Execute Data Subject Access Requests under GDPR and other privacy laws

• Discover and dispose of ROT (redundant, old, and trivial files) within Google Workspace (Dropbox not supported at this time)

• Centrally monitor sensitive content exposure across cloud and on-prem sources in one location

Egnyte’s federated governance approach enables companies to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data regardless of where it is housed. Files in Google Workspace and Dropbox can now be monitored alongside those in Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, AmazonS3, Windows File Server, and Box through one intuitive dashboard.

Employees can operate in the application of their choosing while IT departments maintain visibility and control with across cloud content sources, minimizing risk exposure to the business, simplifying compliance efforts, and delivering higher levels of data security.

The Egnyte platform provides you the insight, control, and security you require without forcing you to choose between the lesser of two evils or doubling your staff.

It is the best of both worlds: all the flexibility of a multi-cloud environment, without all of the risk.

To learn more about our Google Workspace capabilities please visit or call: 1-877-734-6983.

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