Earth Day 2017: Green is the New Black

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Earth Day 2017: Green is the New Black   - Egnyte Blog

“Cloud Computing and Sustainability: The Environmental Benefits of Moving to the Cloud” - 2010 Accenture & WSP Environment & Energy[/caption]The IT industry’s carbon footprint accounts for 2 percent of the world’s carbon emission. But the adoption of the cloud, whether completely moving to the cloud or even moving part of the IT infrastructure not only positively impact an organization’s internal processes but also benefit the Earth by using resources much more efficiently.A study by Accenture and WSP Environment & Energy demonstrated that one global consumer goods company with 50,000 users saved 32% CO2 emissions per user by moving their Microsoft Exchange deployment from on-prem to the cloud.While Kermit the Frog may have sung, “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” many of our customers have made it part of their IT strategy agenda. As we celebrate Earth Day this Saturday, we would like to thank a few of our customers directly making a positive impact to the environment. Let’s take a look:

  1. Earth Systems

With over 500 projects under its belt in six different continents, Earth Systems has been tasked to create solutions for some of the biggest environmental challenges impacting the sustainability of natural habitats. Their research and development programs, particularly in the areas of climate change, energy efficiency and carbon accounting, drive environmental best practices and innovation.

  1.  EcoMedia

Since 2001, EcoMedia has been channeling the power of advertising to drive environmental sustainability in local communities across the country. From water conservation to reforestation programs to improving the energy efficiency of government buildings, organizations have worked with EcoMedia to build goodwill within communities.

  1.  H2O Environmental

For more than two decades, H2O Environmental has been committed to working with pipeline operators, trucking companies and chemical plants to safely transport and handle hazardous materials across several Western states. Entrusted to deal with a wide range of operational and emergency situations, H2O has taken further steps to deliver customer satisfaction while maintaining its commitment to the environment.

“We will continue to look at new ways to design with the Egnyte platform to make our company more efficient,” said Owner John Bradley.

Unlocking the power of the cloud is a forward-thinking approach that is increasingly impacting how organizations collaborate. We’ve seen a particularly big impact in the construction industry where companies like Balfour Beatty have saved millions of dollars cutting back on paper waste. Teams can access files on mobile devices, even when bandwidth is limited at remote sites. Incorporating an environmental endeavor into your business strategy is a simple “win-win” opportunity that helps an organization operate more efficiently and cut costs. Organizations leveraging the cloud or even a hybrid environment are seeing a measurable impact and those that aren’t will be left in the dust. Are you seizing the cloud as part of your IT strategy?

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