Cloud Computing Services: How Cloud Computing and Local Clouds Work

How Cloud Computing Works and Why You Should CareThere is a lot of talk about cloud computing these days. Technical experts and big companies like Google, Amazon and IBM have heightened the talk of the “cloud.” There are also lofty proclamations from those in the know hailing it as “transforming,” “industry changing,” and “revolutionary.” However, non-technical professionals and business owners may have dismissed the cloud talk as all fluff.So, what exactly is cloud computing?The cloud is a metaphor for the Internet. In the simplest of terms, cloud computing is the access and delivery of hosted services via “the cloud.” Instead of one location or one computer delivering the services, cloud computing is distributed across a network of computing resources and allows users to access what they need on demand via an internet connectionEgnyte is an example of cloud computing. Other examples are phone services delivered via the internet, CRM applications accessed through the internet, and payment systems that allow you to access “virtual terminals” with no hardware.So, without weighing you down with lengthy technical explanations, cloud computing has the power to transform your business. A bold statement that is entirely accurate.Cloud computing opens up sophisticated technology to a wider audience. In the past if you wanted file storage, you had to pay for the hardware, installation and the staff to service it. You also had a time delay from the point that you decided you needed the service until it was actually up and running.With cloud computing, you decide you need a file storage and document collaboration capabilities so you log onto the internet, order what you need and begin using it. The file sharing software is delivered via the local cloud. so you do not have to buy hardware, wait for it to be installed and then pay your IT department to manage it. In fact, the service is available to smaller businesses and even solo professionals who do not have an internal IT department. You can even manage the entire online file storage process from your smartphone while lying on the beachYou gain all the benefits of sophisticated technology with none of the traditional costsThe Cloud computing architecture also gives you access to innovation. With traditional computing, you may have to invest in additional hardware or software to take advantage of newer technology. Providers of Cloud computing services remove that burden from your shoulders.Access and costs are only two of the many benefits of cloud computing. Ease of scalability is another key benefit. You can get as much or as little of the computing resources you need on demand. You are not limited to the capacity of your hardware nor do you have to rely on an IT department to make programming changes when you need to place a higher demand on the system.This flexibility also makes it easy for new and growing businesses to access services that previously may have been out of their range. You are consuming only what you need and can add more resources as your business needs expand.Accessibility to service and innovation, lower costs and flexibility are three major benefits that are driving the excitement about the local cloudHow are you using cloud computing services?

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