When you are dealing with people’s private information – social security numbers (SSNs), credit cards, birth dates, etc. – there is no margin for error. Businesses need to know who has access to what information, and be able to take action in real-time if there is a vulnerability or if something suspicious is taking place.

Unfortunately, many businesses today are not taking the protection of their data seriously. We often times hear:

“We know there’s vulnerabilities, but it’s not high enough on the priority list to get budget to fix it”


“Unfortunately with the demand for hyper-productivity today, vulnerabilities have become a part of the cost of doing business.”

Although plausible deniability may have been a valid approach in the past, those days are over.

Equifax, who was one of the 3 most reputable credit-reporting companies in the country, left personal information for as many as 143 million Americans vulnerable to breach. Yesterday, their worst nightmare came to life when they were breached and lost customer names, SSNs, birth dates, addresses, driver’s licenses, and credit cards. This breach, which may very well be one of the most severe breaches in our country’s history, comes after repeated attacks like Yahoo, Anthem, and more.

While many news outlets are discussing what consumers should do now to protect themselves, they are not talking about what businesses should be doing. This is a reality check that cannot be ignored and businesses need to take action now.

As an industry expert in cyber security, and working with thousands of businesses in my career, I can tell you firsthand that businesses are NOT currently doing everything they can to protect themselves. As mentioned before, there is a laundry list of excuses as to why vulnerabilities are not addressed or why governance has not been a priority.

Don’t be the first CSO that cost their company 4% of global earnings because you choose to not know.  Take the first step and know where you stand.

Today, in light of the massive Equifax breach, our team of security experts have stepped up and would like to extend our governance solution, Egnyte Protect, to your business for FREE. We will run a full audit of all of your content, showing you what data you have (SSNs, Credit Card #s, etc. ) and where it is located (cloud, on-premises, etc.). From there we can discuss whatever vulnerabilities you might have and put together a solution for resolving them, ensuring your company is out of harm’s way.

There is absolutely no reason to be the next Equifax. My team and I will provide you with a complete 360 degree view in less than an hour, so please, fill out a request form and let us ensure the protection of your business today!

Click HERE to Request a FREE Egnyte Protect Assessment

*Jeff Sizemore is the VP of Governance and Compliance at Egnyte

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