Zoho CRM and Egnyte

Simplifying Customer Relationships & Content Management

In today’s digital world, modern enterprises need a modern strategy for managing ongoing customer relationships. Salespeople are constantly sending out documents like quotes, sales orders, and invoices, but as processes become more complex, it becomes harder to track every document for every deal.

The Egnyte Connect extension for Zoho CRM simplifies this process by providing sales teams and their customers with easy, secure access to all their documents. This significantly improves overall workflows. Here are some key benefits:

Collaborate with confidence

The extension allows salespeople and their customers to upload and sync files to Egnyte Connect directly from the Zoho interface. This gives sales teams flexibility in how they communicate with their prospects while ensuring that files are securely stored in Egnyte.

Don’t let deals fall through the cracks

Missing or outdated paperwork may cause leads to be overlooked, forgotten, and even lose interest, affecting sales and revenue goals. Egnyte Connect for Zoho CRM gives sales managers the ability to easily connect the right document to the right account, so you never lose track of a deal.

Reduce document management efforts

A clearer lead management strategy empowers salespeople to do what they do best, better: closing deals. When all sales collateral is centralized with Egnyte Connect, documents can be seamlessly sent and tracked throughout the sales process.

Zoho CRM and Egnyte have been market leaders for more than a decade, delivering sales teams the tools they need to close every deal with ease. To explore the extension further, or simply enable it for your workforce, click here.

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Vijay Surya Parvataneni

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