The Last Mile in File Sharing: For Files Too Sensitive to Risk in the Cloud

Today, we are thrilled to announce the addition of Storage Connect to the Egnyte file-sharing portfolio. Storage Connect is critical to not only us but to the entire file-sharing industry as it expands the definition of file sharing to include the 90% of files that currently live behind the firewall in local storage.Until today, file sharing has been confined to the small number of files you remember to save to your computer and has excluded the massive number of files that live on local storage inside your company. This has meant that companies have had to supplement their cloud file-sharing solutions with a VPN so employees can access their files on local storage from their computer.  And accessing local files from a mobile device is still a pipe dream for most companies.In fact, IDG reports that just over half of companies are storing ANY files in the cloud, and those companies who do, allow only a small percentage of files to do so, ultimately translating in less than 10% of files accessible via the cloud.  For the rest of their files, the same IDG Research study found that VPNs were the most widely used method to access local files while working remotely.  Almost half of respondents also reported that users complained about limitations related to remote file access, citing the top limitation as lack of access via mobile devices.

The Last Mile in File Sharing: For Files Too Sensitive to Risk in the Cloud - Egnyte Blog

With the introduction of Storage Connect, Egnyte is the ONLY company to offer a file-sharing platform that provides deployment models to solve any enterprise file-sharing use case:  cloud-only file sharing, private access to files on local storage from outside the office, direct access to files on storage while in the office, and cross-office file sharing through site-to-site sync of heterogeneous storage devices.  Egnyte solves all use cases that companies need, and without a VPN. To learn more about each deployment model, check out this new video and then listen to a Storage Connect overview from Egnyte Co-founder and VP of Products Rajesh Ram.So what does this mean in today’s climate of paranoia, given recent revelations about PRISM and other government spying allegations?  The answer is, quite a bit.  CEOs who have been considering a move to the cloud now have another concern to address: how safe is the cloud for my most sensitive files?  Those files that, if they got out, would not only get someone fired but could mean great peril to the company itself?The harsh reality is that, despite IT policies, many companies are already at risk.  Any time a group or department uses a cloud-only file sharing solution for passing files around, they are putting the company at risk.  That’s why we’re also announcing a new program to help these companies out.  Called the PRISM Prevention Program, it provides a free assessment to help a company “sniff” out the use of cloud-only file sharing solutions and help them move their files to Egnyte. Click here to learn more and sign up.In conjunction with today’s news, we've also launched a new website and logo. Take a look and let us know what you think and stay tuned for more exciting company news coming soon!

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