SignNow + Egnyte: Mobile-first document workflows and file management for construction

Tutor Perini Corporation is a leading group of civil, building and specialty construction companies with over 120 years of experience. You can see the results of Tutor Perini’s teamwork at the spectacular CityCenter view of Las Vegas, California High Speed-Rail, Hudson Yards towers in New York and Hurricane Katrina Repairs in Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida.

As a team that managed to retain jobs and employees, even during the Great Depression, Tutor Perini knows the secrets to exceptional management. Now, during the second century of the company’s history, Tutor Perini focuses on a new challenge - mobile workflow for the mobile-first digital worksite.

Mobile workflows at a construction site

In 2018, users will spend more than 80% of their mobile device usage on task-specific apps. This means that managers in the construction industry must find apps that can help them keep up with overwhelming on-site workloads. For example, they could definitely benefit from an app that would allow them to negotiate cost estimates while e-signing shipping orders or emailing invoices for signatures –– all without leaving the job site. The good news is that all this can be done from any screen with a proper SaaS solution.

Tutor Perini decided to go with Egnyte and SignNow. Egnyte’s file sharing and synchronization features outpace competitors in the document management and cloud storage sectors. SignNow’s e-signature workflows, integrated with Egnyte’s ecosystem, enable managers to e-sign documents, request signatures on any device and track the status of these documents while at the jobsite. Top all that off with government agency-level security and you’re ready to tackle any paperwork challenge while on the road, on premises with a team, in the office, or at home.

How to benefit using the SignNow integration with Egnyte?

Egnyte’s system allows managers to work with files regardless of their location - Egnyte calls this a ‘hybrid approach’ and provides equal access to both hard drive and cloud folders. Tutor Perini got a single and 100% mobile solution that eliminates the pain of migrating customers to a cloud database. The solution also integrates with CRMs and other apps that Tutor Perini’s customers already use via the SignNow API, making the process transparent and fluid for all parties.

How does the SignNow integration with Egnyte benefit managers in the construction industry? It automates in-person signing and makes documents that are ready to be signed available without forcing personnel to race back and forth between the office and the job site. Before SignNow began its partnership with Egnyte, we’d already conducted interviews with a dozen AEC firms to understand the needs of modern construction workers. So, we built a product designed to keep managers and teams focused on the main task while cutting out the complications of excess paperwork. If our customers are already using their own web platform, we recommend they build electronic signatures directly into their website using the SignNow API.

How does it work?

The SignNow integration enables users to track the status of e-signature workflows across various devices, keeping them protected with two-factor authentication, encryption, and compliance support of the latest online security standards (like SOC 2 Type II, GDPR and CFR Part 11). Once the signing process is complete, the documents are automatically stored in the appropriate Egnyte Connect folder for easy access.

Jim Puerner, Vice President at Tutor Perini, told us: “When we were looking at electronic signature solutions, we really wanted to find one with a proven integration for Egnyte. By choosing SignNow, we were able to maintain the high levels of access to data and internal controls that Egnyte provides with our newly automated processes. It’s been great to provide another tool that our teams enjoy using and makes their work so much more efficient.”

The mobile-first world directly affects the construction industry. No longer is mobility a choice, but rather a requirement that puts additional stress on managers to find the right collaboration solutions. With SignNow, there’s no more rushing back to the office to create invoices or recalculate cost estimates. Just stay on site and finalize details with the customer right in front of you. We’re extremely grateful that Tutor Perini put their trust in our integration with Egnyte and we’re proud to be part of so many amazing projects currently underway.To see the integration in action, go here.

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