Egnyte Debuts in Azure Marketplace

We have a dual-pronged gameplan in scaling the Egnyte Connect ecosystem, but our ultimate philosophy is a simple one: whether it’s an integration with a market leader or an emerging player, we want to maximize usability and convenience of collaboration for our customers.In a huge win on that front, today Egnyte has end-to-end integrations with Microsoft’s wide range of products and services.Now that we can step back and take a breath, I’m very proud of what our team has accomplished. Whether you’re a business user, IT admin, or even a Chief Security Officer, Egnyte and Microsoft have pieced together an amazing end-to-end experience.We continue to increase collaboration and ease of use, for instance, with our brand-new SharePoint Online integration. After adding the Egnyte file collaboration interface within the SharePoint site, users can leverage all the features of Egnyte Connect to manage their files without having to constantly update and upload files in both applications (SharePoint Online and Egnyte Connect).IT Admins will have an easier time optimizing user content environments, as existing SharePoint Online permissions are retained in the Egnyte Connect folder. IT admins can continue to leverage Egnyte Connect’s smart reporting features to understand file usage within the organization via the SharePoint Online interface, and even add a customized folder location at a SharePoint Online Site Level so that users can directly navigate to their preferred folder.In addition to Sharepoint, as we’ve previously announced, we’ve deepened our integration with yet another configuration of Microsoft’s flagship offering: Office 365. Users can edit Office files on Egnyte, and non-Office files using Egnyte Webedit, all from one Egnyte folder. And thanks to co-authoring, this means multipleusers can edit the same file at once, collaborating in real time.There are a few other new additions to the joint Egnyte-Microsoft arsenal, mostly in the realm of security. Users will now be able to add Azure storage as the back end to their Egnyte account, directly from the Azure Marketplace. We’re very excited that Egnyte Connect’s usability, flexibility and content security can be seamlessly leveraged by Azure cloud customers.While our deep integrations with Office (Desktop, Mobile, 365) aim to bring convenient collaboration to business users, security architects will be delighted with our integration with Azure Key Vault. Organizations can now manage and safeguard their cryptographic keys on Azure Key Vault to encrypt their Egnyte Connect content.With Azure Active Directory, organizations can enforce identity and access permissions from Azure Active Directory for both their Microsoft applications and Egnyte Connect, enjoying centralized user management. An organization would only need to grant a user access in Azure AD for the user to access the right content on Egnyte Connect. If the user leaves, IT shuts down the account in Azure and all joint accounts on Egnyte would also be shut down.Our evolving end-to-end alignment with the global leader in productivity software is validation of our ecosystem strategy, and has been a lot of fun so far to boot. We’re happy to offer users seamless access to Egnyte Connect across Microsoft’s product spectrum, but this isn’t mission accomplished. We’re just getting started.

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