Restoration SOS Case Study: How a Disaster Company Plans for Data Recovery for Those Unexpected Events

Protect Your Business with the right Data Backup SystemRestoration SOS knows a lot about disaster. The company is the world's largest resource for fire and water damage, mold and sewage backup. They help property owners recover from fire and water damage by matching them with qualified contractors.The company has seen first hand the devastation that occurs after a disaster, so they naturally put systems and plans in place to protect their company in the event of disaster.Like all businesses, Restoration SOS understood that their data was a significant part of their business. Their disaster plan had to include a data recovery solution and the ability to access critical digital business data. The company also wanted a day-to-day solution for document collaboration. They have multiple employees and locations so file sharing software and document collaboration were essential.SOS also knew that they had no desire to be in the IT business. Managing file servers would require them to invest in IT expertise, with resources that could be deployed to manage their core business. They believed in online file servers but were concerned about access, control over permissions and rules, and collaborative tools.After searching for the ideal fit, Restoration SOS selected Egnyte for their data management and data recovery needs. During the transition, there were issues with Windows XP and Vista. We were able to identify and resolve the issues using remote diagnostics.There was no necessary downtime, and it did not require this growing business to allocate their resources to a technical issue.Before the company signed up with Egnyte they had one computer with a shared folder to a system installed across its entire employee base. By switching to an online file server they can create multiple folders and files and set permissions per file or folder.With their old system, they could not simply grant a contractor access to a specific file or folder. They had to rely on email to transfer information. Now they are able to grant access to necessary information without compromising the security of their data.Restoration SOS also consolidated data backup and management into a single solution. Automatic backups secure their website, email, QuickBooks, accounting and other digital information.You don’t have to be in the disaster business to have a disaster recovery plan. Whether you are a solo professional or large enterprise, your data is critical to your operations.What steps have you taken to protect your business from disaster?

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