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Few people today realize what it takes to be successful in advertising. Companies are always looking to hit the next home run campaign. For an advertising firm, they must collaborate around the clock to not only come up with the right idea, but to execute it well and deliver it in a timely fashion. They may be amid pitching a new piece of business in competition with several other firms, or they’re handling confidential client campaigns and need a quick and safe way to deal with large design files.Timing is everything and the last thing a fast-paced organization needs to do is worry about their ability to share large design files or protect their client’s information. It should be all about the freedom to ideate, innovate and execute.That’s the reason why some of the biggest names in advertising have turned to Egnyte to help them turn the focus back on creativity, by allowing them to collaborate securely and efficiently. We partner with agencies of all sizes like Designvox and Giant Creative or global brands like McCann Erickson, Ogilvy, Young & Rubicam and others.Watch Giant Creative’s director of IT share how Egnyte helped him make work much easier for their teams and clients:

IT leaders throughout the advertising industry, cite a variety of reasons as to why they trust Egnyte with their files. When I speak with customers, the three most common requests are:Secure Client Collaboration – Advertising agencies work in a very collaborative environment from clients and colleagues in various offices to third-party vendors and contractors. Egnyte provides enterprise-class control and visibility with centralized administration.Performance with Large Files – Egnyte’s open, hybrid environment allows agencies to easily access and share large files, such as high-definition video, high-resolution design files or lengthy pitch presentations. This means they no longer have to deal with size limitations via email and can directly transfer or drag-and-drop any number of files, instantly.Ease of Use – Agencies use a variety of applications to get the job done, so it is important to deliver a seamless experience. Egnyte’s open API makes it easy to integrate with any application, which minimizes disruption and allows for quick adoption throughout a worldwide organization.These use cases are not limited to the United States either. Advertising agencies, like M&C Saatchi, are global organizations with clients across a variety of regions all over the world. Those clients have unique requirements when it comes to their data. For example, if a client resides in Europe they may demand for their project files to be stored there as well. With Egnyte’s open infrastructure, and a European data center available to them, advertising companies are able to handle any request their clients may have.At the end of the day, what’s important for us is that the creative minds inside these advertising firms are focused on delivering their very best work, serving the unique needs of their clients, without being mired in the process it takes to get there.To find out more, visit https://www.egnyte.com/industries/media-and-advertising

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