Introducing the Next Generation of AI at Egnyte

For nearly a decade, Egnyte has been applying AI to help customers protect and manage large volumes of unstructured data. The outputs of these models were historically focused on a relatively narrow set of IT security, privacy, and compliance applications.

Today, we’re announcing the next generation of AI-powered solutions at Egnyte, unleashing content intelligence for every user on our platform!

The Next Generation: AI for Everyone

Through a simple, chat-based interface, business users can find and synthesize information contained in documents and media files without having to physically move those files out of Egnyte.

The AI can perform tasks such as:

  • Generating summaries of large complex documents
  • Creating text-based transcripts of audio and video files
  • Finding photos within your image library containing a particular object

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Note: Access to these new solutions is currently offered in limited availability to select customers. A wider roll-out schedule will be announced upon general availability, and feature availability may vary based on plan type.

Principles for Better AI Privacy and Accuracy 

Just as important as the new capabilities we’re releasing today are the design principles behind them.

Much has been written about the privacy, security, and correctness challenges associated with the class of AI known as “foundation models.” Egnyte’s AI architecture builds atop foundation models while addressing many of the top concerns related to these models by design. 

Here are some ways in which we do that:

  • Data privacy and security: your data will remain your own and will never be made available to other Egnyte customers or the foundation models underpinning Egnyte’s AI architecture. Furthermore, as it’s built on Egnyte, your AI will never have access to more data than you do (based on Egnyte’s permission model) and will be subject to your Egnyte domain’s content governance policies.
  • Source data quality: our solution will allow customers to select high-quality data sources (for example, specific documents or sets of documents);
  • Input context: our solution will recommend prompts, teaching users how to “converse” with the AI in productive ways;
  • Explainability: our solution will cite the source data and its limitations;
  • Data residency: our solution will run on separate deployments by region so that EU data (for example) does not need to leave the EU for AI summarization;
  • Domain specificity: our solution will augment out-of-the-box foundation models (trained on general knowledge) with domain-specific knowledge related to the task at hand.

In Closing

Over the past several years, Egnyte has been helping customers transform where they work without losing control over their data. Now it’s time to transform how we work!

We believe AI adoption will be a major contributor to global and organizational productivity gains and individual career success in the decade to come. Even more, it has the potential to help democratize - and even humanize - our work experiences.

The challenges are many, but the potential upsides are too significant to ignore. 

We look forward to partnering with our customers, channel partners, and the broader technology ecosystem to deploy AI responsibly and for the greater good.

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The Next Wave of AI at Egnyte

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As Chief Strategy Officer of Egnyte, David Spitz is responsible for the strategy and execution of scaled programs that improve the customer experience, enable buyers and sellers, and promote and deliver upon Egnyte's brand promise.

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