Heartening to see how Egnyte’s HybridCloud solution is making a difference!

Last week, we reached out a select number of our customers who have deployed Egnyte Office Local Cloud or Enterprise Local Cloud – to get the benefits of the cloud coupled with fast local access.

With customers around the world, and across a vast number of industries, there are a lot of interesting uses of Egnyte. We wanted to know how their business was using Egnyte to work more efficiently. We had planned that each week we would pick the best use case and send a Google Nexus Tablet to the winning story.I am excited to share that the incoming stream of stories has been so delightfully overwhelming, that we changed the contest. Instead of doing a weekly pick, we are doing a daily pick and sending Google Nexus tablet to that days winner!Here is one of the submitted stories (with permission from the customer):Our Egnyte story began with chaos…having recently been “released” from our former employer, a major European biotech company which shut down its research department, we had just received funding to develop an academic national research platform in the area of small molecule development.  The difference, of course, was that we were on our own.  No big budget, no IT department, no informatics support, no software licenses, no back-up system…we didn’t even have a file-server to back-up…What we needed was to quickly establish a local infrastructure to support our small organization of 5 people and allow us to rapidly and efficiently share our rather extensive collection of data and documentation with the entire Swedish academic community.  Unfortunately, none of us were very well versed in either IT/database admin or informatics solutions.  We were just a bunch of geeky chemists and biologists with a crap-load of data to handle.  This is where Egnyte came to the rescue.  With a purchase of the very affordable Netgear ReadyNAS Pro 6 and a sign-up for the Egnyte service, we quickly established private and shared file server access to our group, a reliable back-up and off-site solution providing full versioning support, established raw data servers for our instrumentation and analytical tools etc. Now, two years later, we’ve grown to 12 power users in total, working seamlessly against the same Egnyte-based file server.  This despite being spread across three different universities, and needing to share and integrate our data at uniquely-tailored permission-levels with over 60 research groups representing every major university in Sweden.  Each time we establish a new collaboration, we create a new folder on our Egnyte domain where our collaborators (as standard users) can login and get first-hand access to newly produced data and documentation in their specific project.  This allows for great transparency, speedy updates through auto-email notification, as well as security and confidentiality to our clients.  We’re extremely pleased with the versatility and user-friendliness that the Egnyte platform offers.Best of all…we’re still just a bunch of geeky chemists and biologists…still no need for IT support! Thanks Egnyte!Lars Hammarström, co-founder of Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS; www.cbcs.se) at Karolinska Institutet (www.ki.se), Stockholm, Sweden.  Karolinska Institutet  is a publicly funded research platform offering expertise in the identification and development of small molecules for basic biomedical research.

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