Google Workspace is Live

G Suite is now Google Workspace, delivering an integrated, dynamic experience across all of Google's communication and collaboration tools.

And with Egnyte, you can ensure this next-generation experience is well governed and aligned with your wider content architecture.

Did you know that with Egnyte’s Google Workspace integration you can:

  • Co-author files in real-time with one click from any Egnyte folder
  • Manage Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides permissions, sharing, archival, and security policies the same way you do other Egnyte files
  • Save Google Workspace files directly to Egnyte, for ease of backup, access, and search

Additionally, Egnyte's upcoming governance provides a way to govern and protect your content within your Google inbox and cloud storage, classifying attachments and applying existing policies, regardless of whether content is stored on a local device, cloud collaboration platform, or in someone’s inbox. You can learn more about Egnyte’s integration with Google Workspace here; and if you’re interested in trying email governance for your organization, contact us here.

More about this: 

Website: Egnyte for Google Workspace

Helpdesk: Google Apps

Quick Tip: Integrating Egnyte With Gmail

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