Empowering Your Defense: Synergy between Data Loss Prevention Controls and Automated Alert Remediation

In today's digital world, the stakes of data loss are high, and the cost of cybercrime continues to escalate. In fact, IBM recently estimated that the average cost of a data breach was $4.45 million in 2023, a 15% increase over the previous three years.   

As a result, organizations are now deploying a combination of detection and remediation controls, in addition to Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies. Why? To prevent users (or cyber attackers) from gaining access to sensitive data and transferring it to an external location, whether accidental or with malicious intent. DLP technologies safeguard data in motion. Yet, pairing them with Egnyte’s data protection platform is critical for securing sensitive data at rest. Data particularly at risk for exfiltration are Personally Identifiable Information (PII), intellectual property, trade secrets, and financial documents belonging to employees, customers, and business partners.  

Egnyte's core strength lies in its unified content intelligence and protection platform, empowering organizations to effortlessly discover, collaborate, classify, and manage sensitive data across multiple clouds including Egnyte, Microsoft, and Google.  

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Maximize Security Efficiency with Document-Labeling 

With the rise of insider threats, stricter regulations, and mounting concerns over data integrity, organizations require an integrated approach to combat data exfiltration.   

Egnyte’s approach to prevent data exfiltration involves leveraging a no-code, document-labeling-based integration with well-established security solutions. Vendors like Microsoft (MSFT), Netskope, Zscaler, Skyhigh Security, and CrowdStrike can seamlessly integrate with Egnyte without the need for any API based integration. Egnyte classifies documents and generates metadata, which is applied as a persistent label in the Microsoft Sensitivity label format. These solutions recognize the MSFT sensitivity labels and enforce the DLP or Information Rights Management (IRM) policy.  

Egnyte's persistent metadata labels can be leveraged by the following kinds of security solutions in customer environments: 

  • Security Service Edge (SSE) such as Zscaler and Netskope can leverage our metadata to enforce policies and monitor sessions for compliance.  
  • Email security is enhanced as Egnyte-assigned metadata helps recognize sensitive files within Microsoft applications, improving technologies like Microsoft Purview Information Protection and Microsoft Defender for Cloud.  
  • Endpoint DLP and IRM technologies, as well as network-based DLP technologies, can utilize Egnyte’s metadata labels to protect sensitive files on endpoints and during network transit. 

Issue Remediation Simplified  

Egnyte's auto-remediation feature is a game-changer. We don’t just raise alerts for your team to address, we actively resolve issues when an issue is detected.  

Administrators can establish multi-condition rules to automatically address issues like: 

They can easily set up auto-remediation rules in their Egnyte, Microsoft SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Office 365, and Google Drive domains such as:   

  • Choosing which issues to auto-remediate. 
  • Creating customized remediation rules for each experienced issue. 
  • Selecting any combination of criteria, such as issue severity or age (for example, tackling the most recent issue first) to initiate remediation. 

Once set up, we take over the rest, liberating your IT team from constant supervision and allowing them to dedicate their time to other priority tasks.  

Additionally, automated remediation empowers your compliance efforts by facilitating rapid adherence to regulations and demonstrating a proactive security posture.  

Looking Ahead 

As we look to the future, it's clear that a proactive approach is indispensable for organizations seeking to protect their valuable assets in an increasingly interconnected world. With Egnyte’s auto-remediation and content safeguards, organizations can confidently navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, knowing that their data is protected with cutting-edge technology and unwavering vigilance. 

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