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Any good sales person knows the importance of speed and responsiveness in closing a deal. As the digital workplace becomes increasingly efficient at every touchpoint, then, automation will become key to any sales person’s success.  From communicating with leads to closing deals, your sales team can save countless hours per week.  With a tool like WebMerge, your team can automatically populate documents like contracts, invoices, proposals and more.  You’ll never have to copy & paste data into a template again.Once these documents are generated, they can automatically be saved in Egnyte Connect and easily shared with the rest of your team via link sharing.  Gone are the days when documents are emailed back and forth or even lost somewhere in between.  Pretty great, right?Integration in ActionWebMerge integrates with hundreds of cloud systems to automatically populate their data into your templates.  Once your template is entered in WebMerge, you’ll setup the delivery to Egnyte so that each time a template is populated, the files are automatically saved to Egnyte Connect.  You can even customize exactly where you want the files saved.

Egnyte + WebMerge - Egnyte Blog

When your documents are generated in WebMerge, all you'll need to do is login to your Egnyte account and boom! There are your documents. It's that easy! Your whole team will have access to these documents and you can easily share with your customers.

Egnyte + WebMerge - Egnyte Blog

That’s it!  Now you can dynamically generate all kinds of documents and then share and save them with Egnyte.  By sharing and managing your documents with Egnyte, you can easily access them from any device and collaborate seamlessly with your entire team.  Can you think of any other ways that you could use WebMerge and Egnyte to simplify your paperwork process?

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