Egnyte Unveils New Suite of Mobility Apps

We live in a world of instant access to the information we need from the nearest device we happen to have at that moment in time. In the office or on the go, it doesn’t matter. In fact, today’s modern business users don’t always need to grab a device when they can casually monitor notifications from their smart watches. The integration of technology is truly sewn into our daily lives, even to the point of affecting our fashion or accessory choices (glasses, watches and rings).

At Egnyte, we monitor the trends and usage patterns of our products. According to our data, 60% of our business users download Egnyte’s mobile app for their smartphones, while 40% use tablets. However, we see the exact opposite numbers when it comes to usage, such as viewing, downloading, editing and sharing, with 60% of activities coming from tablets and 40% from smartphones.Understanding the trends and habits of today’s business users, our development teams at Egnyte have been focused on delivering a new suite of mobile apps to effectively meet the requirements of our customers wherever work may take them. Whether they are editing CAD files on a job site, sharing a design file with a client, altering a presentation from an airplane, or collaborating from the office, we want it to be as seamless as possible.Today, I’m happy to introduce our enhanced suite of mobile apps for all of the major mobile platforms. The new Egnyte apps have the native look-and-feel of the platform of your choice, so you can focus on the work at hand, instead of having to learn how to fit into a different app environment. Thanks to the great feedback from our customers, we have learned what you like and what you don’t. With this insight, we’ve optimized the workflows within each app and created a better user experience all around.Here’s the rundown of the updates within each platform:Android:Check out our sweet new integrated Android app for all of your phones and tablets. Your device. Your style. The new app meshes well with the way you work. It’s now available in the Google Play store.

Egnyte Unveils New Suite of Mobility Apps - Egnyte Blog

Apple:Available today in the App Store, we have a slick new app that will knock your socks off. We’re also working on a new app that will be optimized for your iPad, which will be released in just a few weeks. In the meantime, our new iPhone app will suit your needs and can run on the iPad, until the new optimized iPad app is released.We’re also in tick-tock mode working on a cool new app for the Apple Watch! Your Egnyte app can now match your fashion sense.

Egnyte Unveils New Suite of Mobility Apps - Egnyte Blog

Windows:We haven’t forgot about our loyal Windows users. Check out the new and improved app for Windows tablets that features the core Egnyte functionality our users expect, including an intuitive flow for uploading, downloading, and sharing files. You can download it in Microsoft's App Store.Interested in learning more? Visit here and download the apps today in the app store affiliated with the device you choose. From desktop to your wrist, we’ve got you covered!

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