Content Governance News | October 2, 2020

News and Perspectives on Content Governance

Paying Ransomware Demands Could Land You in Hot Water With the Feds - Ars Technica: Treasury Department officials made that guidance official in an advisory published on Thursday. It warns that payments made to specific entities or to any entity in certain countries—specifically, those with a designated “sanctions nexus”—could subject the payer to financial penalties levied by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, or OFAC.

Gangs Are Shifting Targets and Upping Their Ransom Demands - ZDNet: Ransomware attacks continue to grow, according to data from IBM, which also suggests that ransomware gangs are upping their ransomware demands and getting more sophisticated about how they calculate the ransom they try to extort.

Attacks Aimed at Disrupting the Trickbot Botnet - Krebs on Security: Cyberattackers have been launching a series of coordinated attacks designed to disrupt Trickbot, an enormous collection of more than two million malware-infected Windows PCs that are constantly being harvested for financial data and are often used as the entry point for deploying ransomware within compromised organizations.

Singapore Asks Big Cybersecurity Questions to Improve National Defense - Dark Reading: As Singapore pursues its journey to become a "Smart Nation," it's asking these tough questions and many others as officials wrestle with the role of cybersecurity in a country increasingly dependent on technology, explained Gaurav Keerthi, deputy chief executive of development at Singapore's Cyber Security Agency, in his keynote talk at this week's virtual Black Hat Asia.

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Egnyte Data Governance Trends Report: Egnyte's Data Governance Trends Report is based on survey results from 400 CIOs and IT leaders across industries, highlighting challenges associated with unstructured data.

How GP Bullhound Maintains GDPR Compliance With Egnyte

Learn Egnyte provides GP Bullhound with better control over their data, and enables them to maintain compliance with GDPR and other regulations.

How Does Ransomware Work? It Doesn’t Have to If You’re Prepared

The rise in ransomware has always been problematic, but with companies all over the world dealing with new security and administrative issues associated with remote working, it is now a top priority for IT security leaders everywhere.

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