Patrick Flanders

Patrick Flanders

Content Governance News | October 2, 2020
October 2, 2020

Treasury Department officials made that guidance official in an advisory published on Thursday. It warns that payments made to specific entities or to any entity in certain countries—specifically...

Content Governance News | September 25, 2020
September 25, 2020

Ransomware attacks are getting more aggressive according to a senior figure at Europe’s law enforcement agency, but there are simple steps which organizations can follow to protect themselves...

Content Governance News | September 18, 2020
September 18, 2020

A ransomware attack reportedly caused a priceless loss for a hospital in Duesseldorf, Germany, whose critical admission and patient records systems was knocked offline. A patient who needed urgent admission...

Content Governance News | September 4, 2020
September 4, 2020

‍A new series of email-based malware distribution campaigns claim to be from the copyright owner of images found on the target website...

How Egnyte and Microsoft Tackle Content Protection for Microsoft Teams
June 19, 2020

Inter-institutional Collaboration, Part 1: Articulating Data Concerns
May 13, 2020

In an earlier blog, Collaboration in the Modern Biotech Era, we explored the scope, dynamics, and complexity of collaboration in modern biotech...

Business Continuity With Egnyte For Those Impacted by Coronavirus
February 27, 2020

The COVID-19 virus (or coronavirus) is having an impact on businesses around the globe. Many companies have shut down workplaces, while others are implementing flexible working arrangements...

It’s Data Privacy Day Today...and Every Day
January 28, 2020

Today is Data Privacy Day, an event sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance. The intent is to promote awareness and best practices for how citizens should think about security and how it relates...

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