Content Governance News | September 18, 2020

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A Ransomware Attack With Fatal Consequences

A ransomware attack reportedly caused a priceless loss for a hospital in Duesseldorf, Germany, whose critical admission and patient records systems was knocked offline. A patient who needed urgent admission had to be sent to another hospital because her medical records could not be accessed. She lost valuable time and did not survive the transition.

Universities Are Targeted in New Ransomware Attacks

Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting universities with ransomware attacks and academic institutions are being urged to make sure their networks are resilient enough to protect against them. The warning from the UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – the cyber arm of GCHQ – comes following a recent spike in hackers targeting universities with ransomware attacks during August.

Ransomware Shuts Down SoCal School District

An attack that targeted the stored content of the Newhall (California) school district resulted in online classes being cancelled while the threat was mitigated.

Jekyll Island Authority Targeted by Ransomware Attack

Jekyll Island Authority (Georgia) fell victim last week to a ransomware attack that sought to infect the organization’s sensitive data through unauthorized access to their IT environment.

8 lessons from the Garmin ransomware attack

In July, a ransomware attack on Garmin brought the company's business to its knees. The attack forced the business, a major player in the GPS smartwatch and wearables market, to shut down Garmin Connect, the website used by users to sync data about activities such as runs and bike rides. Here’s what has been learned about the attack.

New From Egnyte

Egnyte Data Governance Trends Report

The inaugural Data Governance Trends Report is based on survey results from 400 CIOs and IT leaders across industries, highlighting challenge s associated with the data type most greatly affected by remote working scenarios: unstructured data.

Democast: Empowering Teams to Securely Share Files With Sharepoint

With the Egnyte for Sharepoint Online integration, you can access all your files and enjoy Egnyte’s complete content management and collaboration capabilities without ever leaving Sharepoint. Learn how.

Buzzfeed Meets Growing Data Governance Requirements

“BuzzFeed has been able to meet requirements for data governance, without disrupting content creation and workflow, which was imperative to a digital media powerhouse where our content creators are fueling our immense growth.

How Does Ransomware Work? It Doesn’t Have to If You’re Prepared

The rise in ransomware has always been problematic, but with companies all over the world dealing with new security and administrative issues associated with remote working, it is now a top priority for IT security leaders everywhere.

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