Complete Content Lifecycle Management in a Single Place

Egnyte’s content lifecycle management solution gives customers full control and flexibility over content at all stages of its lifecycle, from migration of data into Egnyte to managing retention, archival and deletion, and end of life content.

Unlike point solutions, Egnyte provides a robust product suite that addresses consolidation of content across repositories, management of content within Egnyte, and content that should be archived. Here's a quick recap of what’s included.


Egnyte’s full suite of migration capabilities make it easier to migrate data into Egnyte from the most popular cloud storage devices like Box, Google Drive, and more.

While customers sometimes tend to think of migration as a one-time event, this is often not the case—with merger and acquisition activities, content lifecycle audits, planned content migrations, or even migration of physical offices, it becomes even more important to ensure you can quickly and easily migrate content anytime. Egnyte’s tools even allow customers to go through the migration process themselves, freeing up administrative overhead and time spent on coordination.

Retention, Archival, and Deletion

With Egnyte, it’s easier to know what sensitive information your content may contain and to manage the existence of that content. Egnyte provides multiple ways to archive and delete data: from ad-hoc, one-off occasions like subject access requests to using intelligent policies to streamline and automate the process.

The content lifecycle management dashboard also provides insights, reporting, and analytics at a glance. This allows you to quickly perform audits—like seeing where stale data lives in your domain—and take action.

End of Life

Whether it’s project closures, regular audits, or part of a larger cleanup initiative, it’s important to have a plan in place for when content is at the end of its life. For companies looking to reduce risk or storage costs, Egnyte provides everything customers need to get started. With multiple ways to move data from an active domain to an archival domain, Egnyte has simplified the process of ensuring ROTS (redundant, obsolete, trivial, and stale) data is stored where it should. An archival domain is even included with Egnyte’s Content Lifecycle Management package to make the transition seamless and pain-free.

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