Boosting Profits for Construction Projects

The construction conundrum

The AEC industry has seen profit margins become increasingly squeezed over the past decade. As a result, everyone from architects to project managers have been pressured to find ways to improve processes and cut costs. But in such a multi-layered industry, with multiple online solutions, the journey to widen margins raises more questions than answers.

How can I boost communication among teams?

How can I improve file access at remote sites with spotty wifi?

How can I utilize AI and other cutting-edge technologies?

Most, if not all construction projects consist of numerous stakeholders and countless blueprints, plans, budgets, designs, site photos, videos, and contracts - all of which must be created, organized, filed, saved, shared, protected, updated and most importantly, secured. Phew! However, the more applications that emerge to make things easier, the more difficult it becomes to control and keep everything secure. Leading inevitably to the most asked question ...

How can I maintain content control with so many apps and integrations?

An integrated, single solution

Egnyte is perfectly positioned to provide every construction project with a solid foundation from which all content can be created and kept safe. Sure, our platform connects content, protects files and will modernize operations by optimizing hardware needs, but our app integrations and partner program reveal how we really support unique industry needs.

Egnyte integrations result in a quick and easy customization for any construction project. Access 3D designs using Autodesk, solicit reviews from multiple teams with Bluebeam, or simply share the latest details with Plangrid; all without ever leaving the secure confines of the Egnyte platform. Our hybrid capabilities help boost file access at the most remote sites, allowing more freedom for crews to collaborate better from anywhere. Reducing downtime and saving a surprising amount of paper over the course of each project.

We even provide an array of add-ons for cutting-edge startups like SmartVid, StructionSite, and FotoIN. There are tons of integrations to choose from. All ready to tailor to any workflow and meet the needs of each project.

Take a look at how a typical construction workflow keeps content secure with Egnyte in our “Day in the Life of a Construction Project Manager” graphic. Or, if you want to see how we work in real life, read all about our Raken integration that significantly improved projects for Level 10 Construction.

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