August Product Spotlight: What’s New and Upcoming

August was a really big month for Egnyte! We just finished a successful week at VMworld where we showcased our flagship products and our full suite of enterprise file services. We also introduced great new product features and enhancements, as well as integrations with industry-leading partners. Check out the full list of what’s new for Egnyte and what’s in the works for September.

What’s New:

Flagship Product Enhancements

Storage Connect 2.0: The latest version introduces cluster deployments, providing high availability and horizontal scalability to meet the privacy and security requirements of enterprise customers. It supports deployments within a demilitarized zone (DMZ) and early Secure Socket Layer (SSL) termination.

August Product Spotlight: What’s New and Upcoming - Egnyte Blog

Storage Sync for EMC VNX: We have a new native integration with the EMC VNX product family, transforming EMC VNX unified storage into an enterprise file services platform.

New Integration

Egnyte for Google Drive: For Google Apps customers, this new integration enables businesses to complement their investment in Drive by extending it with enterprise file services that offer admin-controlled collaboration, group storage and a hybrid file server. This is available in the Google Apps Marketplace to new customers.

Features and ReportingWebEdit for Storage Connect: This new feature allows users to select a file from the Web UI and automatically open, edit, and save it in its native application. This functionality, paired with Storage Connect, allows users to work on files without moving them to the cloud or using a VPN client.

Private Folder Links: For increased security, users can now create password-protected and private links for their domain and can optionally add the folder name to the end of the links.

Shortened Links: We’ve introduced shortened links for files and folders when sharing, accessing, and requesting documents. This makes it easier to share links through different avenues, including social media with character limitations.

My Links Report: This new report that’s available to all Egnyte accounts shows the links that each user has created. Users can view their reports, filter by link type (file, folder, upload), and delete links, as well as modify the expiry date.

My Links Report

What’s Coming:

Image Gallery Enhancements: The latest version will enable users to view bigger images, as well as view images from mobile devices.

Notes Public API: We are adding new endpoints to our Public API over the coming months to expose more and more features of the platform to external developers. The first of these endpoints is the Notes API, which enables enhanced integrations with third-party Content Management Systems and other collaboration tools. It can also be used to enhance auditing capabilities.

New Android App: Look out for the beta of the new Android app in early September. You could be one of the first customers to test out our new app and provide feedback.Be sure to check the Egnyte Helpdesk regularly for more details on product updates. Have any other product questions? The Helpdesk and our company blog can quickly help get the answers you need.

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