At Last! Get Mobile Access to 100% of Files with 0% Risk

Employees are  accessing corporate data from their personal devices at astonishing rates. In fact, 89% of employees’ mobile devices connect to corporate networks. This trend means that now, more than ever, companies need to stop procrastinating about addressing BYOD (bring your own device) and start implementing policies and solutions that will enable them to manage the deluge of new devices accessing business information.

BYOD is a plus for businesses as it can increase productivity up to nine hours per person per week - almost like adding an extra day to the work week! So what’s the hold up in BYOD adoption? Until now, businesses have been worried about security and privacy issues around mobile devices and cloud-base file-sharing, along with the complexity of setting up VPN access for all mobile devices employees may decide to use while working.

To eliminate these issues, we’re excited to announce new mobile apps that will enable companies to create and manage a secure perimeter stretching from users’ mobile devices to enterprise files stored behind the firewall, which eradicates all risks associated with BYOD in the workplace. These new mobile apps deliver the last mile of user access to files from any device and create an end-to-end perimeter where files from on-premise storage are encrypted on the mobile device and can be remotely wiped in case the device is lost or stolen.

These apps are fully integrated with our Storage Connect functionality to enable secure access from any device to any file regardless of where it’s stored - in the cloud or locally behind a firewall. The apps are available today for iPhone, iPad and Android for free download from the App Store and Google Play, respectively. Egnyte for Barnes and Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle are also available. More information and download links can be found here.

To underscore the BYOD market trend  - and key issues that companies need to address in order to manage BYOD effectively - we’re also launching a new infographic on the current state of BYOD in the enterprise. This pulls together recent studies that illustrate the strong move toward mobile in 2014 and the importance of BYOD policies when it comes to employees accessing and sharing business-critical documents.

At Last! Get Mobile Access to 100% of Files with 0% Risk - Egnyte Blog
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Rajesh Ram

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