Announcing Egnyte's Next-Gen Content Services Platform

Today we announced that, in a few weeks, we will be releasing the next generation of Egnyte, fusing the best of our collaboration and governance solutions with Egnyte’s leading Content Intelligence Engine, to provide a unified Content Services Platform. The Egnyte CSP will extend greater security controls, compliance, automation, and workflow capabilities to customers of all sizes, and enable a deeper understanding of business content to make decisions and fuel growth.

The move reflects our fundamental belief that content security cannot be separated from content management. In the past, collaboration tools and security tools were built for different users, with different goals in mind. Egnyte’s approach leverages machine-learning to simultaneously accelerate productivity, enable secure information exchange, and maximize oversight and control over sensitive data.

In a market dominated by hardware-bound legacy infrastructure, the cloud-native (but not cloud-only) Egnyte CSP stands apart by helping customers:

Secure and Simplify

Data has never been more valuable, but it has also never carried more risk. The Egnyte CSP weaves security, privacy, governance into every layer of the file sharing and collaboration architecture — protecting critical data at the source, without compromising usability (or affordability).

Work Smarter

The Egnyte CSP leverages our industry-leading content intelligence engine so that companies of all sizes can harness the power of machine learning and AI to achieve unprecedented levels of visibility and control over their content assets and enhance productivity.

Build Strategically

The Egnyte CSP integrates seamlessly with existing business applications, directories, and repositories, allowing organizations to build cohesive enterprise ecosystems and quickly deploy and manage content-rich workflows that help our customers grow and transform their business.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing lots more about all of the new machine-learning, automation, workflow, security, and compliance capabilities, as well as new pricing plans.

If you’d like to learn more, we invite you to join Rajesh Ram, Egnyte’s Chief Customer Officer, for the first-ever public demo of the new platform. Register now.

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Brittany Carambio

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