A New World: The Cloud and Statistical Computing

For biotechs, statistical computing has traditionally required complex on-premises infrastructure. Configuring servers and storage for data science became cumbersome and fluctuating project needs made scaling a headache.

An immediate solution was needed, especially considering the complex needs of biostatisticians and data scientists alike.

Enter The Cloud

Enter the cloud revolution. Cloud platforms now provide simple and scalable computing power and storage on demand. This elasticity is a game changer for statistical analysis as it enables organizations to spin up resources as needed for data science initiatives.

Key Advantages of a Cloud Statistical Computing Environment  

“With the unified storage we’ve built using Egnyte, our statistical computing environment can seamlessly and securely access files transferred from our systems and vendors, including Electronic Patient Recorder Outcome (ePRO), Electronic Data Capture (EDC), labs, and more,” explained an Egnyte Power User.  

Leading biotechs are transitioning to cloud-based platforms like Egnyte for statistical computing to leverage key advantages. A few of those advantages are:

Scalability on Demand

Egnyte allows dynamic scaling to fit analytical needs. No more struggling to predict infrastructure requirements. Computing power adjusts instantly.

Streamlined Collaboration

With cloud access, statisticians and data scientists can collaborate easily across locations. Egnyte's real-time co-editing and file-sharing tools facilitate teamwork in a secure environment.

Robust Security

Egnyte enables robust security features like granular access controls, encryption, and comprehensive audit logs, which allow you to safeguard sensitive data in the cloud.


Egnyte’s 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platform enables biotechs to meet industry compliance requirements related to data security, access auditing, backup, and retention policies.


Many biotechs take a hybrid approach, integrating Egnyte's secure cloud platform within existing on-premises systems. This allows them to leverage agility while minimizing disruption.

Egnyte is able to support cloud-based statistical computing initiatives for biotechs through its secure cloud server, which enables biostatisticians and data scientists to collaborate seamlessly in a statistical computing environment.  

Cloud technologies continue to open new frontiers in statistical analysis through flexibility, collaboration, and scalability. Biotechs will need to strategically adopt cloud-based platforms that will equip their teams to explore data and accelerate insights like never before.

See how Egnyte can empower statistical computing at your organization.

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