Discover the Pharmaverse: A New Frontier for Clinical Trial Analytics

Imagine an intricate multiverse where each world holds endless possibilities. Now picture that same concept but for pharmaceutical research. Welcome to the Pharmaverse!

Similar to the complex world of the multiverse, the Pharmaverse contains various solutions to explore, and each solution can be customized based on your data analysis needs. We first learned of the “Pharmaverse” during Mike Stackhouse’s session at the Egnyte for Life Sciences Virtual Summit. 

Unveiling the Pharmaverse

This aptly named universe contains powerful solutions tailored to streamline clinical trial analysis. The Pharmaverse is a carefully curated collection of R packages developed through the joint efforts of leading pharmaceutical firms. These modular bundles aim to handle specific tasks, from data wrangling to report generation to enhance analytics.

However, the growing demand for open-source technologies like R, RTF, ENLV, RTF, METCO, and Admiral has opened up new avenues to enhance collaboration and efficiency in clinical data analysis.

With a repository of sturdy open-source R packages, companies can collaborate to uplift clinical analytics. One of the ambitions of the Pharmaverse is to foster a community-centric approach among biopharmaceutical organizations to address the diverse statistical needs within their operations.

R for Clinical Trial Analysis

With all the custom solutions within the Pharmaversse, there are still programming languages that reign supreme. R has been slated to be a great source code for developers to build the rest of their packages from. R is a programming language specialized for statistical computing and visualizations. 

Since many statisticians are already proficient in R, it is ideally suited for clinical trial analytics, which relies extensively on statistical methods. R offers robust tools for tasks such as data wrangling, modeling, testing, and reporting for clinical trials. All these aspects place R as a critical programming language in the Pharmaverse and a tool that addresses the need for packages compatible with multiple programming languages.

The Open Source Opportunity

All players in the pharma space must submit standardized clinical data for regulatory approval. This shared requirement is fueling the open-source movement.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, companies are contributing packages to the Pharmaverse that meet needs like CDISC standards and algorithmic derivations.  The outcome? Accelerated drug development cycles through collaboration.

Admiral, a product of joint creation by Roche and GSK, has now expanded into sectors like Admiral Onco for oncology trials. The Pharmaverse facilitates the consolidation of expertise across an organization's IT, QA, biostatistics, and clinical teams from the early stages of the clinical trial process.

Realizing the Potential of The Pharmaverse

This collaborative analytics approach represents an exciting shift. Moving from monolithic systems to modular open-source solutions benefits the entire industry.

The Pharmaverse offers a trove of possibilities to help ace clinical trial analysis.  It represents an exciting new frontier in collaborative analytics that today's data teams should closely track. Pharmaceutical companies worldwide are taking notice. The time is now to tap into the collective power of this open-source multiverse!

In summary - if you're a biotech data guru, keep an eye on the Pharmaverse. It's a treasure trove of R packages tailor-made for clinical trials by cross-company collaboration. And who doesn't love open source?

The great news is that Egnyte is able to support customers within this use case through our role in a statistical computing environment. In an SCE, Egnyte's cloud-native platform serves as a centralized storage system for compiling, managing, and maintaining data for statistical environments.

Due to Egnyte’s multilingual capabilities and digital architecture, organizations can conduct clinical data analytics, improve their time to value, optimize operational efficiency, and adhere to regulatory guidelines.

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