A Multi-Million Dollar Commitment to Our Multi-Cloud Strategy

Every business today is growing in its own unique way. Their infrastructure is made up of a combination of cloud and on-premises repositories. Their application suite is custom built with a myriad of productivity applications like Slack, Office 365, Zoom, and more. And finally, their users are working on a wide range of devices, from Apple iPhones to Microsoft Surface Pros.

The common theme amongst businesses is their need for flexibility.

When the Egnyte platform was built, it was purpose-built for business with flexibility as one of the core functionalities. Our goal was for Egnyte to be at the center of the content environment, but give businesses the option of building the surrounding infrastructure with the solutions that worked best for their needs.

To help achieve that goal, Egnyte has built a vibrant ecosystem of business solutions that work seamlessly with Egnyte platform. Of the more than 120 integrated business tools that we enable for our customers, Microsoft products consistently rank in the top 5 of products used – which makes perfect sense as the Egnyte and Microsoft values align tightly around their business-first approaches.

With that in mind we decided to make a significant investment in our relationship with Microsoft, not just aligning our products, but also to support Egnyte’s infrastructure needs and lock arms in our go-to-market efforts. That commitment came in the way of an announcement two years ago that Azure would be the premiere storage partner for Egnyte’s enterprise customers, a significant shift in our multi-cloud strategy that was previously centered on the Google Cloud Platform.

Today, I am proud to announce that Egnyte has doubled-down on our relationship with Microsoft, signing a multimillion-dollar, multi-year commitment with the Azure cloud team. This is not simply a technology engagement, the Egnyte and Microsoft teams have also partnered to actively go-to-market together in several regions around the globe.

Tracy Crain, US Director of ISV at Microsoft said it best: “Egnyte has proven to be a valuable part of our ISV partner program and their multimillion-dollar Azure investment validates the success we have had together. In addition to Egnyte's substantial financial commitment, their robust alignment with the Microsoft product portfolio and their proven success in co-selling our solutions position us very well for future go-to-market opportunities. We look forward to continued growth with the Egnyte team and working with them for the foreseeable future.”

This new investment is a validation of our commitment to a multi-cloud strategy, a strategy that provides our customers with more cloud storage options when modernizing their infrastructure. While there are many benefits to this strategy, one of the common problems we are solving is around unique data residency requirements. By working with partners like Microsoft, and offering Azure as a cloud storage option, we are able to provide our customers the ability to choose whatever solution meets their needs in that region. Without partnerships like this one, that would not be possible.

As Egnyte continues to accelerate its growth and dramatically increase the amount of content we manage for our customers, meaningful partnerships with all of the best-of-breed solutions on the market (not just cloud storage) will be integral to our success.

If you are interested in growing your business by partnering with Egnyte, we encourage you to visit our Technology Partner Program page and connecting with us today.

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