At the end of an accounting period, accounting teams are required to close temporary accounts like revenue and expenses into the equity of a business’s balance sheet. If you spent more money than you made, then you have less equity in your business.

Sounds simple, right? Not really.

Any accountant will tell you that closing the books is a multi-faceted, multi-tenanted problem, and it includes pressure from the business to hand over financials as soon as possible. An accounting team has to complete a complicated checklist including manually matching data between multiple systems (i.e. Excel workbooks, your ERP system) that don’t talk to each other. This leaves a lot of room for inefficiencies and human error.

Month End Close Software Built by Accountants
Built by accountants for accountants, FloQast helps accounting departments streamline, manage and enforce the month-end close process. Ever heard of a thing called Salesforce? You could say FloQast does that for accounting teams.

FloQast Graphic

Accountants love Egnyte because it enables FloQast to become a central hub for all their close-related activities.

Why Egnyte?

With Egnyte, FloQast has the ability to securely connect native Excel with their ERP system, automating the most tedious and time-consuming parts of the close.


We’re particularly excited about this integration because it solves a major systems miscommunication problem which is the root of a lot of stress (and errors, which cause more stress) for accountants during the close.

It takes a disparate process and makes it connected and dynamic. And the best part? Accountants can continue to work securely and effectively in native Excel, which is hands down the most ubiquitous and essential accounting tool out there.

Why FloQast Fits

Egnyte’s philosophy, in many ways, is aligned with FloQast’s. Egnyte Connect was built to help disparate systems and people connect and work together better within their own familiar environment – and with confidence that environment is highly secure. It enables visibility into a critical business function, providing clarity around new opportunities for improvement that will go a long way.

Learn more about what makes FloQast unique: Watch a 1-Minute Video

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