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And Users Love.

  • Single point of administration for fast and easy control
  • Share files securely from anywhere, any time on any device, without a VPN
  • No more bandwidth limitations or email attachment restrictions
  • Rapid ransomware detection, remediation, and recovery

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Access, Share, and Monitor Content with Egnyte's Secure Platform

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“Egnyte is one of the strongest offerings on the market”

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“Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Winner for Content Collaboration Platforms”



“Egnyte is a Leading Vendor in IDC’s EFSS Sync Performance Competitive Review”

22,000+ Businesses Share Files Easily And Safely

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Get Enterprise-Grade File Sharing Security.

Without Sacrificing User Experience.

Secure File Sharing

Share large files in seconds

  • Secure link sharing eliminates email attachments and FTP, even for the largest files
  • Password-protect any file, automatically expire access, and securely collect files from users outsider your organization
  • Scan all incoming and outgoing files for ransomware signatures, sensitive, and regulated data
Share large files in seconds with Secure File Sharing Links

Web, Mobile, and Desktop

Work securely on any app, any device, anywhere

  • Create and share files in any browser, desktop, phone, or tablet without VPN
  • Combine the reliability of the cloud with the familiar user experience of a local hard drive
  • Safely create, co-edit and share using your favorite productivity tools, like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack, DocuSign and hundreds more
File Access from Any Device, Any Time, Any Place


A single pane of glass to control and monitor content

  • Find and control sensitive data in Egnyte, OneDrive, Box, Google Workspace, Dropbox, SharePoint, and more
  • Centrally monitor permissions and decide which users can access and share high-value and regulated files
  • Get rapid alerts for known and suspected ransomware, suspicious file sharing, and high-risk user behavior
Control and Monitor Content with Unified Administration

Ransomware Protection

Detect, alert and recover from attacks quickly

  • Continuously monitor sensitive data with a combination of behavioral and signature-based detection
  • Get alerted to potential data compromise in order to remediate quickly
  • Speed investigation with an audit trail of compromised users, files, and sensitive data
  • Recover with precision by selectively restoring files across your entire organization.
Data-Centric Security Leader

Egnyte is great tool for sharing.
files easily and securely.

Bhanwar S
Learning & Performance Solutions Specialist
Small-Business (11-50 employees)

  • Validated Reviewer ✓
  • Verified Current User ✓
  • Review Source: Invitation from G2 on behalf of the vendor
"Keeping it simple & thoughtful"
What do you like best?

The best feature is the UI of the applications, it has zero learning curve, my team started using it from day one. Clutter-free / no-nonsense features at the right screen are bringing in a lot of fluidness. Another best feature is availability; we have not yet encountered an event where this site is not working or slow. This helps us rely on this service a lot I am moving here from Dropbox, so it takes a lot of effort to discard something at that stage. Auto delete of files, I love this feature, as it helps us best optimize our utilization of the service and not get worried about it getting exhausted every time. this is a smart feature.

User in Consumer Goods
(1001-5000 employees)

  • Validated Reviewer ✓
  • Verified Current User ✓
  • Review Source: Invitation from G2 on behalf of the vendor
"Seamless process"
What do you like best?

I like the visual ease of knowing which folders are synced. Syncing in Egnyte seems much more reliable than using Box. I like the ease of knowing which files/folders are private vs. which are shared.

Kevin C
I.T. Manager
Small-Business (11-50 employees)

  • Validated Reviewer ✓
  • Verified Current User ✓
  • Review Source: Invitation from G2 on behalf of the vendor
"Egnyte is simply the best cloud solution we have used todate for our business."
What do you like best?

Egnyte is simply very easy to use, especially the web interface, the Desktop App and Sync tools when compared to other cloud solutions we have used in the past. All the tools run quickly especially the desktop App which we primarily use. We do also used the Microsoft add in to our desktop office which also works very well.

Dakotah I
Technical Director/Developer
Small-Business (2-10 employees)

  • Validated Reviewer ✓
  • Verified Current User ✓
  • Review Source: Invitation from G2 on behalf of the vendor
"Amazingly Easy, and Simple File Management"
What do you like best?

We have tried all of the solutions. Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Box. They all have similar issues in which they are designed for collaboration with people, but not designed with collaboration inside an organization. Egnyte allows collaboration between people in an organization, and the company owns all of the files. Get rid of an employee? Just delete their account. No ownership transfer, and we even can always see what's in their private account as an admin. AMAZING!

Jacky B

(51-200 employees)

  • Validated Reviewer ✓
  • Verified Current User ✓
  • Review Source: Invitation from G2 on behalf of the vendor
"Love it!"
What do you like best?

It is easy to use, search, and upload and download. It makes working at home much easier. I like the search feature best. I also like that you can email a link to the file or document as well as the fact that you can limit the folders that some users can access.

Paddy R
T Manager
Mid-Market (201-500 employees)

  • Validated Reviewer ✓
  • Verified Current User ✓
  • Review Source: Invitation from G2 on behalf of the vendor
"Clean, crisp cloud storage with a great user interface and flawless integration with Office 365"
What do you like best?

We are currently rolling it out to 300 employees and migrating data from Dropbox, Intralinks VIA Pro and Box. Best aspect is the ease at which users are created and permissions handled.

User in Architecture & Planning

(2-10 employees)

  • Validated Reviewer ✓
  • Verified Current User ✓
  • Review Source: Invitation from G2 on behalf of the vendor
"We Love Egnyte! Make sharing Large files a breeze. No login required for recipient of the files."
What do you like best?

Ease or Sharing large files with our clients & collaborators. Ease of accessing files when not at office. It is also easy to see who has uploaded which files and allow clients and subconsultants to upload their files to us. The interface is VERY user friendly. I also love that unlike other file sharing sites, people I share a download link with do not have to make a profile to get the files!


Gain Full Visibility And Control.

Without Third-Party Governance Tools.

Smart Reporting and Auditing

‘Smart’ reporting & auditing

  • Access automated reports built with historical file and user statistics
  • Monitor key usage details, like access permissions, login insights and active sharing links
  • Run one-time reports or set them to run on a recurring schedule

Granular sub-folder control

  • Grant or restrict any users access to any folder or subfolder
  • Disable folder inheritances for any sub-folder
  • Set access permissions at the individual and group level
Unified Administration

Unified Administration For Multiple Domains

  • Single administration point for all domains
  • Only see domains you have credentials for
  • Maintain full customization per domain as needed

Custom governance policies

  • Search, discover and classify financial and state privacy data across the company
  • Proactively protect both corporate and personal data such as credit card numbers or acquisition plans.
  • Choose from pre-built policies or create your own to suit your needs
Unlimited Version Retention

Unlimited version retention

  • Set custom retention policies to determine how many file versions are kept
  • Review or restore previous file versions with the click of a button
  • Full visibility into when files are restored and who restored it
Role Based Administration

Role-based administration

  • Grant select users administration rights
  • Keep granular control over what functions are given. (Grant Billing access to the finance team)
  • IT retains full visibility into when every change was made and who made them


Lightning Fast Sync.

Even If You’re Halfway Around The World.

Access and edit files in real time with encrypted automatic file syncing. Employees always have the latest updates at their fingertips. So they can work together more effectively - whether they’re working from home, at the office or ten time zones away.

Egnyte has changed the way employees operate and do business in the field. They’re using the Egnyte application on their iPads and iPhones to access documents and consume that content in real time. So we can have an architect or contractor or an engineer make a change to a drawing, it gets changed in Egnyte, and the employee can access that in the field outside of the trailer immediately on their device.

Chris Palmer
Manager, Advanced Technology Services
PCL Construction

One of the main challenges of having files stored in 5 different places is that you start losing governance and it becomes impossible to manage, especially with a large team. When you have one centralized system you can ensure it’s highly secure and the right people have the right access.

Steve Buchanan
Head of IT, BW: Workplace Experts

We needed to have great visibility of the type of data that we were holding and how it was being accessed. we also wanted to be alerted to unusual activity which is a big issues. Egnyte is giving us those alert.

Jason Ozin

One of the first things we did was link source documents to Egnyte. This gave us a single point of management and ensured the most current files are always available. Then we started to see more people using the sharing capability - sharing links outside of the company rather than attaching files to emails or using FTP sites, which has improved our data tracking ability and security.

Robert Kuhn
Director, IT Infrastructure & Security