How IT transformation helps Parkinson's Institute provide world-class patient care.

“In any aggressive IT transformation, there are risks. We are very careful when selecting the companies to engage with. We trust and recognize TeamLogic IT’s expertise.”

Brian Coulter Parkinson’s Institute, CEO


While the Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center (PICC) is unique in the United States, the challenges it faces as a non-profit are not. With the lions-share of funding heading towards patient care and research, PICC’s IT environment hadn’t always had the attention it needed.

Failing and aging hardware, power issues, back-up challenges and an unbalanced user to server ratio were among the issues that needed to be addressed by incoming CEO, Brian Coulter.

“One of my first objectives was to work with TeamLogic IT to assess the condition of our technology and identify potential areas of weakness. Then I needed to develop a plan to minimize the risk of data loss and system failure, while lowering overall operating costs.”

Brian Coulter – Parkinson’s Institute, CEO

Medical records, scientific results and intellectual property data needed to be rapidly accessible by internal audiences – in the facility and elsewhere. Where appropriate, it also needed to be securely shared with a wide network of research and industry partners. All of which meant addressing the Institute’s highly distributed and disorganized legacy file structure.

This was brought to a head with a planned move of its entire facility to a new location. Some twenty servers – most hosting a variety of file services – had to be retired and their data transitioned to the cloud. It had to happen at pace, without business interruption or any impact on patient care.

“As a long-time Egnyte partner, familiar with its features and benefits, it was clear to us that Egnyte would be a perfect solution to Parkinson’s ongoing business needs. Our experience with Egnyte’s migration tools gave us the best chance of meeting the aggressive move deadline.”

Ryan Mann – TeamLogic IT


In need of an aggressive IT transformation on a tight timeline, Brian turned to his longstanding technology advisor, Ryan Mann at TeamLogic IT in Mountain View - the local office of a nationwide provider of IT solutions and services. The Institute is very careful when selecting companies to engage with and had come to recognize and trust TeamLogic IT’s expertise over a number of years working together.

On the advice of the TeamLogic IT team, Brian chose to deploy Egnyte to transform its file services environment. Within 24 hours of the recommendation, the licenses had been bought and data started moving off the hardware and onto the new cloud platform.

“I had a lot of business needs and not a lot of time. When Ryan at TeamLogic IT presented Egnyte, I started checking off my business needs. I needed a secure location for proprietary business information, HIPAA compliance system for my medical data and a single source solution to bring my disjointed and multiple file services together.”

Brian Coulter – Parkinson’s Institute, CEO


The move to the new facility, and the data migration to Egnyte, was completed within 60 days. Twenty servers became two, and the Institute now enjoys an average annual return on investment of over $354,000 – including productivity and security benefits.

The institute now has a secure, centralized and easily accessible private cloud for all its enterprise, research and proprietary data. The risks and inefficiencies of multiple consumer sharing clouds and FTP sites have been eliminated, and PICC has regained control of its entire data environment.

With Egnyte, the organization can manage file access at macro and micro levels – set up sharing groups and provide granular levels of access to files and folders. This gives the Institute the centralized governance it needs to manage what files are being accessed and how they're being shared.

“Everything resides within my sphere of control and if we need to cut off a third party user, we can do it with ease. We have an assured information security environment and an all-important audit trail.”

Brian Coulter – Parkinson’s Institute, CEO

Plus, with wildfires and earthquakes not unusual in this part of Northern California, going to the cloud offers a ready-made disaster recovery and continuity system, and is a key part of the Institute’s contingency planning.

The transformational benefits have been felt across the Institute. Researchers, scientists and doctors now have immediate access to the data they need every day – whether they’re in clinic and with patients, in the field or working from home.

“We needed to be able to collect the data and make it available for rapid recall. This wasn’t possible in our previous environment. With Egnyte it’s all there for us.”

Brian Coulter – Parkinson’s Institute, CEO

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