Working Anywhere With Egnyte: VPN Not Required

There are a few things that are easy to take for granted in a traditional office setting: the impromptu idea sharing that happens in unscheduled conversations, quick and easy access to audio-visual tools, and the energy that comes from being around others are just a few. But more importantly, it’s easy to forget that high-speed Internet access isn’t as ubiquitous as it sometimes seems, and there are many people, areas and job sites that have limited access and connectivity. So what can be done to ensure everyone stays productive when they’re working from home, even in areas where fiber hasn’t even been heard of and the use of broadband is unusual?

When Internet access is a problem, employees can’t access the files they require to be productive. The collateral impact includes inability to share, collaborate, and even create and publish new content. Lack of Internet access and spotty connectivity are killers for maintaining normal working conditions for remote workers.

The solution is to eliminate access as an impediment. Egnyte gives the right people (employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders) access to the files they need to communicate, collaborate, and transact business. One of the biggest benefits of Egnyte is being able to work with your files from anywhere on any kind of device, enabling access for users with limited options.

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Egnyte capabilities like syncing for offline access and the ability to send links in lieu of attaching cumbersome files are all meant to “think small” and save bandwidth that can be precious in non-traditional working situations. Additionally, many of our customers already depend heavily on mobile solutions to keep them connected and productive on remote job sites, while traveling, and when between areas of connectivity.

When you’re arming your workforce for every location and situation they could be working from, it’s important to consider the availability and dependability of their internet connection. Even in areas where fiber and broadband are the norm, heavy use from larger at-home populations can still create hitches— are you prepared for them?

For a full look at how Internet access and other challenges can impact productivity in these circumstances, and the best practices to address those challenges, check out our eBook on business continuity and be sure to visit our exclusive Working From Anywhere area in the Egnyte community.

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