Why I chose to be a cloud innovator

Why I chose to be a cloud innovator - Egnyte Blog

Hey there, I'm Emily and I am the Customer Marketing Manager at Egnyte. Today is my 2 year anniversary at Egnyte. In the Valley, and in startup terms, 2 years is a long time to stay in one place. Taking this job right out of college, I didn't know I would be joining a company positioned on the cusp of something revolutionary. "Cloud" wasn't even a buzz word when I joined. Now it's all anyone can talk about.Why have I stayed at this company for so long? First, I truly trust our founders and the vision they have for Egnyte. A few years ago when everyone else was running a freemium model with the hopes they would convert users to paying customers, our founders were pushing to build a product of value that people would be willing to pay for upfront. I know they will keep pushing us to continue building a solution of value that will help people and businesses do their jobs more efficiently.Second, I have an opportunity to work with some stellar people. From day one I felt welcome here. Even though reporting to the CEO as a fresh college grad was challenging, I had a benefit most graduates my age will never have. I can swing by the CEO's office (and any of the execs for that matter) to say hello, get feedback on some ideas I may have and learn from them about how they are running our business.Finally, (though the list could go on) I am learning to break the mold in my way of thinking. I am a very goal oriented person. Anyone who knows me knows I love to plan and keep tasks organized at all times. I am a bit OCD in that respect :) However, working at a startup does not lend itself to organized work. Although I'm in the marketing bucket, I have helped out with product management, support, sales and G&A. At times this can be frustrating, especially for someone like myself who finds it difficult to work in so many different directions with no definite endpoint. What I have realized is even though I'm not in a corporate 2 year track program, sharpening a few select skills, I am learning to break the mold to reach my goals. I am learning an exponential amount from the work I do in each department, the curve balls thrown at me and the people I am working with. In my opinion, this is the best work experience I could ask for.As I said before, 2 years is a long time to stay at a startup, but I plan to stay here many more and continue working with some amazing people, pushing the cloud into the future.Want to become a cloud innovator yourself? Check out our jobs page. We are always looking for great people to join our team.

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