Weekly Recap

In the Bay Area we're getting fired up about the Giants game! So while we may not have a ton of free time between watching baseball and spending time with our families, if you catch yourself with a free moment here are the week's Tweets.

"'The Social Network' Tops the Box Office" - Mashable

"The Differences Between Egnyte and Dropbox" - Egnyte Blog

"Google TV Announces Its Programming Partners, but the Top Networks Are Absent" - The New York Times

"Nielsen: 32 Percent Of New Smartphone Owners Choose Android Phones" - TechCrunch

"Moving Regulated Industries to the Cloud" - GigaOm

"Netflix for iPhone Now Plays Movies on Your TV" - Mashable

"Apple Readies Verizon iPhone" - The Wall Street Journal

"CEO Reflections: Network Neutrality" - Egnyte Blog

"Facebook Lets Users Interact in Small Groups" - The New York Times

Image courtesy of bcemba06.org

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